JM Siotis – Street-style Responsive Magento Theme

JM Siotis – Street-style Responsive Magento Theme Created by UberThemeTeam. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: JM has features such as High Resolution: No, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Software Version: Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Columns: 2 .

You can use this JM Siotis – Street-style Responsive Magento Theme on Ecommerce category for basetheme, big font, fashion, off-canvas, responsive, street life and another uses.

JM Siotis - Street-style Responsive Magento Theme
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Looking for a hip-hop or street style fashion store? Siotis is here to answer your call.

Siotis now comes with 6 exciting extensions including: Mega Menu, Slideshow2, Products slider, Product, Quick Buy and the awesome Basetheme. This means you now have unlimited color choices for your site with much less effort spent on customization.

Siotis is a responsive template with the extra bonus of an Off-Canvas menu for mobile. All these amazing features are blended together in Siotis – your powerful, stylish and attractive Responsive Magento Fashion Theme.

  Developed by us,, Siotis is the first Responsive Magento theme which supports off-canvas navigation usedin mobile and tablet devices. The theme also comes with the latestQuickBuy module, which supports transitions and effects developedspecially for this theme only. Not to mention the Mega menu withfeatured products, Basetheme for easy customization and anauto-updated shopping cart feature this theme is loaded with.

                                          Responsive Magento theme Siotis

Just a glance at Siotis and you will be drawn to it by its bold bigtypography and contrasting color blocked graphics. Sitois Magento themehas itself a very strong urban style in every corner but still keepsdown to minimal design.

Off-Canvas Navigation solutions for Responsive Magento Theme

If you ever surf Facebook on mobile or tablet, you must be familiar with the idea of Off-canvas menu on Facebook mobile already.

Technically off-canvas is a design pattern which has up to 2 or 3panels, displayed differently depending on device’s width. Takingadvantage of off-the-screen space, off-canvas navigation keeps thecontent ready and be visible when users take action to expose it or whenon a larger screen mode.

Siotis is the first Magento theme that supports Off-canvasnavigation, applied for the main menu and shopping cart. Imagine howconvenient for your online shoppers to views all your products on mobilewithout losing track where they are.

                                                Off-canvas navigation layout for Siotis

                                             Off-canvas navigation for main menu

BaseTheme for Magento color customization

Want to have your own color of choice rather than our 6 color schemes? Basethemegives you the full control in customizing Magento theme color schemes. Aquick setting in back-end and you can set the color you want fromheader to footer, you can even personalize the product details page andproduct display layout. 

                   Easy to customize color schemes using Basetheme

Magento theme Mega menu with feature products

As a compulsory part of our Magento themes, Siotis supports aslick Mega Menu with custom blocks to display featured products and evenembed videos.

           Mega menu supporting custom block for feature products and videosdisplay

Magento QuickBuy Extension

An auto-update shopping cart without reloading the page is the mainadvantage that your store would have with QuickBuy Besides, Siotisalso support various effects and give an interesting online shoppingexperience.

                                  Auto-update shopping cart with Magento Ajax Cart module


In this theme Siotis, we support the menu style for multi-language: English, French and German..etc..

The extra HOT and SALE badge on any product.

Full Features

  • Custom Background, Colors via BaseTheme
  • Create Multi-Store easily
  • Fully Responsive
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Cloud Zoom : To enlarge product images
  • Compatible with all types of products attributes
  • Add to cart easily with QuickBuy extension
  • Support Shop by on Side bar
  • “Sale” label for products with special price
  • “New” label for products
  • Two kind of Product View Layout: Grid and List
  • Compatible with all types of product attributes
  • Fully compatible with Magento 1.7.2
  • Cross Browser support (IE8+, Safari, Firefox,Chrome, Opera)
  • Valid XHTML and Css Markup
  • Tutorial and userguide for installation and using
  • User guide Documentation .html file
  • PSD files included

Version and Changelog

Head over to our Changelog and Version for more details.


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