Wheel Of Luck – Spin To Win!

Wheel Of Luck – Spin To Win! Created by chrisgannon. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Some ratings and .

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Wheel Of Luck - Spin To Win!
© Copyright by chrisgannon


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Looking for a more customizable and dynamic wheel – why not try Spin2Win Wheel instead?

Some ratings and comments:

You have to spin it to win it!

Wheel Of Luck runs on all platforms and is great fun for all the family. Enjoy this popular game!


  • Beautiful motion and physics
  • Contains 2 wheel designs – one is full saturation and the other is more muted
  • Animating (and editable) win/lose display
  • Editable currency
  • Editable wedge values (winning values e.g. $5000 or £8000)
  • Drag/Throw/swipe the dial
  • Touch and mouse input
  • Scalable/responsive and remains centered
  • Optimized for desktop AND mobile

WheelOfLuck combines the visual power of Edge Animate and the performance and flexibility of Greensock.