Angry Soccer – Cup 2014 – HTML5 Game

Angry Soccer – Cup 2014 – HTML5 Game Created by 01Smile. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Angry Soccer – World Cup 2014 .

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Angry Soccer -  Cup 2014 - HTML5 Game
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About the Game:

Angry Soccer – World Cup 2014

Angry Soccer – World Cup 2014 is a physics based game and we tried to add a major advantage to it in comparison with similar games. In this game you can choose! It means that you can choose your desired balls according to their unique abilities and your needs and complete each level in your own way and by using your creativity.

In this game you play as an angry player who is mad at some referees for not being fair and so he decides to hit them with balls and take his revenge!!! But remember this is just a game and we strongly disagree with his behavior! So you should never do what he is doing in real life!

This Game includes 16 levels. There are 4 different kinds of balls in this game with their own unique abilities and features.


» HTML5 game
» Includes 16 levels
» High resolution
» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Ability to change logo, balls & more
» Edit image files with an image editor like Photoshop to change the game’s appearance
» Made with GameMaker Studio
» Ability to change the game’s sounds & music

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