Equalis Created by Sokols. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: The game is based on real .

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The game is based on real events!

1940, France, Burgundy Province …..

History tells us about the plight of a young girl by the name of Patricia, whose family has successfully engaged in winemaking was forced to leave his province because of the invasion of German troops.Their path lay on the island of Ibiza, Patricia’s father decided that it would be safer ….. But fate turned out to be unfavorable, the German air defenses detected the aircraft in the air and opened fire, corncob fell into the water ….

The girl’s parents were killed, but miraculously survived by Patricia, in the wreckage of the aircraft it has brought to the shore. Ahead she saw a large building like a factory, she had no choice but to go forward ….

– Great game design- Go through the puzzles and solve the problem- Easy management- Chilling soundtrack