jQuery Notify

jQuery Notify Created by FutureBuilding. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: jQuery has features such as Compatible Browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Software Version: jQuery .

You can use this jQuery Notify on Javascript category for alerts, jquery plugin, notification, notifications, notify, usability, user friendly and another uses.

jQuery Notify
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Basic javascript alerts can be invasive for your end user, that’s why I created jQuery Notify.

jQuery Notify is easy to implement, fast loading and will improve the usability of your website. It comes pre-loaded with a simple style which is easily modified using basic CSS.

For the more advanced user jQuery Notify gives you the option to use up to 4 separate callbacks on each notification item which fire at key points in the invocation process.


  • Custom display duration
  • 4 callbacks
  • Lightweight (only 2KB!)
  • Simple to use (1 line of jQuery)
  • Easy to customize

Example Uses

  • AJAX form alerts
  • Live admin stats
  • Showing adverts to users
  • Suggesting related blog posts
  • …the list is endless!


  • 09/08/2012 – Added resize methods & tidied up event bindings