jQuery Time Picker

jQuery Time Picker Created by pix0r. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: jQuery Time .

You can use this jQuery Time Picker on Javascript category for datetime, hour picker, input, javascript time picker, jQuery time picker, picker, time picker, time selector, timepicker and another uses.

jQuery Time Picker
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jQuery Time Picker

Improve your forms with this usable and easy to deploy jQuery time picker.

Design your own background! (original PNG file provided with 2 examples included)

– Slider works with keyboard cursors (jquery UI Slider)
– Useful and intuitive
– Easy deployment (jQuery plugin)
– Well commented source code

Plug-in parameters:

  • Fade in / out effect (jQuery 1.8.18 UI effects, like blind, clip, drop, explode, fold, puff…)
  • Background image (2 provided)
  • Button label text
  • Default hour and minute on show
  • 12/24h Time format
  • Hour and minute separator, by default :
  • Input field pointer (so you don’t have to css your form)
  • Setting Input field to readonly (so user have to use time picker to modify form, which ensures a valid time format
  • Showing “am” / “pm” sufix in popup window.
  • Returning “am” / “pm” sufix to form
  • Expert options, including slider values, which will let you configure time picker with minute steps (requires some calculations)