Christmas Fun Special


Christmas Fun Special
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Merry Christmas Every One. Happy New Year.

We have bring very beautiful Merry Christmas Wallpapers and New year Wallpapers, Christmas greeting SMS and sweet Merry Christmas Ringtones. Lets enjoy Christmas Wallpaper, New year Wallpaper, New year SMS, Merry Christmas Ringtone from application .

Christmas Fun Special has beautiful free wallpaper and much more, you can use these wallpapers as a screen saver on your phone or tablet screen, use this app and enjoy the beautiful Christmas wallpapers.

This application offers you the best Christmas messages. Share the messages via email, text message, posting on your facebook wall, etc.

Celebrate the wonders of Christmas with Christmas Messages and share wonderful quotes with friends and families. You will get very melodious famous and fresh Christmas ringtones to set in your android device.

Demo App:

You can download application from Play Store via below link.


Demo Admin Url:

Username : admin
password : admin

Android Side

  1. Easy To Install.
  2. All Device Combability.
  3. You Are Getting Latest Christmas Wallpapers, Ringtone and Messages.
  4. HD Quality Wallpaers.
  5. Image Change with Swiping finger.
  6. Image Share with your friends and on social networks
  7. Download,Share and Save Wallpapers.
  8. Image Display With Full Screen Mode.
  9. Play and Download Ringtone.
  10. You Can Share Message Via Social.
  11. You Can Also Get Messages List wise or Full Screen.
  12. Check Network Availability.
  13. Easy To Customize.
  14. Beautiful Design.
  15. Add Google Analytic.
  16. Admob And Startapp Both Standalone Package(i.e 2 package,one is for admob and other is startapp).
  17. Admob Integrated.
  18. Start App Integrated.

Admin Side

  1. Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  2. Easily Add Wallpapers.
  3. Edit and Delete Wallapers.
  4. Easily Add Ringtone.
  5. Edit and Delete Ringtone.
  6. Easily Add Messages.
  7. Edit and Delete Messages.
  8. Upload Unlimited Messaqges ,Wallpapers And Ringtone.
  9. Json Service.

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Document with Screen Shot