Fortin Doctor Android

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Fortin Doctor Android
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Fortin Doctor Application

Fortin Doctors Appointment App is easy to use By Doctors & Patients.

Doctors can be registered through admin login in PHP / MySQL Admin Panel and doctors can specify their time of availability.

Patients can easily find nearby doctors department category wise like dentist, general physician etc.

Patients can easily book appointments from Android App through easy to use Appointment Booking Interface,

Doctors can inturn approve or reject appointments from app or through doctors login in admin panel.

Push notifications are Sent whenever necessary. Sync Appointment Date / Time with Google Calendar is also a great feature in this app which eases users to remember and plan appointments.

Doctor & Patient Login on Android App Super Admin Login & Each Doctor Wise Login on Admin Panel View Current, Upcoming & Completed Appointment on Admin Side Prescription Details Saved & Viewed Appointment wise Google Calendar Sync with Appointment Date View Near By Registered Doctors on Patients App Side Easy to use interface for quick appointment booking with selected doctor Firebase Push Notifications for appointment booking on both doctor and patient side PHP / MySQL Admin Panel Full Source code with video documentation