iOS Game:Girl’s Puzzle – Cocos2D

iOS Game:Girl’s Puzzle – Cocos2D Created by rouse_spirit. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Girl’s Puzzle is an addictive puzzle .

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iOS Game:Girl's Puzzle - Cocos2D
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Girl’s Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game.

The player’s mission is to lead both a prince and a girl to the bedroom. The player must create a path with moving / adjusting tiles and use the girl to lead the prince to the final bedroom. Tiles can be moved in many different ways. The arrows and wallpaper indicates what you can do with a tile.


  • Universal Version
  • iPhone5 Supported
  • Game Center Supported
  • 30 Levels
  • And much more…

Live video :


  • Upload PSD files(05/28/13)