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iOS RSS News Created by dmbTeam. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Turn you blog or news website into iOS Application just in minutes with iOS RSS .

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iOS RSS News
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Turn you blog or news website into iOS Application just in minutes with iOS RSS News.

iOS RSS News Features:

– Fully customizable
– Detailed Documentation
– Setup in less than 5 minutes
– Splash Screen
– Sliding Menu
– Facebook integration
– AdMob Ads integration
– Change article/news font size
– Switch between articles/news by sliding to left/right
– Images memory caching (increase performance)
– Displaying your featured image and article’s textual content
– Load More button – it will allow the user to get more articles from the loaded in first place
– iOS 8 Compatibility
– iOS 9 Compatibility
– xCode 7 Compatibility
– 64-bit support
– (NEW) Push Notifications

Video Tutorial: How to customize the application and demonstration
Check out the Android version:

Latest Versions:

Version 2.0 (29.02.2016)

  • Push Notifications;
  • iAd is replaced with AdMob.

Version 1.2 (02.10.2015)

  • iOS 9/xCode 7 Compatibility;
  • Icons refresh.

Version 1.1.2 (01.04.2015)

  • Categories parse optimization;
  • Documentation update.

Version 1.1.1 (10.02.2015)

  • 64-bit support

Version 1.1 (17.11.2014)

  • iOS 8 Compatibility
  • xCode 6.1 Compatibility