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Here is the Love Meter that will give perfect calculation of your love, relationship between friends, loved once, relatives etc.So you think you are in love ?are you searching for perfect match ?Do you have special connection with someone ?Than this app is for you, it will show the percentage of love between two entered names and will help you to find out with that person.Basically this is a simple Love Meter application which shows love percentage between two person based on their names. To use the app first Enter your name and the name of your partner/lover/crush to find Love percentage.

The app has beautiful UI, very easy to use code with detail documentation for any beginners and many nice features available, please check out all the features of the app and make it your own LOVE METER application on store, as there are some apps already had millions of downloads over there.


Android Side

  1. Test Your Love with your girlfriend or boyfriend
  2. Perfect app to test the love of your Valentine.
  3. Finds the perfect match
  4. Works great for girls as well as boys!
  5. You can also get list of message.
  6. Name match will show your couple match ,love match ,love test with better results.
  7. Love Tester will calculate the percentage of your love-compability.
  8. You can compare boys with girls, boys with boys or girls with girls.
  9. Share button with all social networks and app.
  10. You can test love with Love meter,Friendship with friend meter And love between FamilyMember by Family Meter.
  11. You get Love Sms,Valentine Sms,FriendShip Sms,Birthday sms and Greetting Sms.
  12. Easy To Install.
  13. This app is compatible with all of your devices.
  14. Incredibly Easy To Use.
  15. Easy To Customize.
  16. Beautifull UI.
  17. Admob And Startapp Both Standalone Package(i.e 2 package,one is for admob and other is startapp).
  18. Admob Integrated.
  19. Start App Integrated.

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Document with Screen Shot

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Compatible With Android Studio.