Robot Space- Buildbox Game – Template Included +Eclipse (Admob+chartboost)

Robot Space- Buildbox Game – Template Included +Eclipse (Admob+chartboost) Created by PoseidonBuildboxStore. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Robot Space is an Android Adventure game template. The code is made with Buildbox, compatible with .

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Robot Space- Buildbox Game - Template Included +Eclipse (Admob+chartboost)
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Robot Space is an Android Adventure game template. The code is made with Buildbox, compatible with ECLIPSE

Are you checking for a new adventure ?The new arcade game Robot Space is the new resolution of your boredom and the occasional trip to the bathroom.Control the robot with your favourite finger and prepare yourself for a crazy challenging action packed experience.

The game is full of inspiration as 90’s old games with excellent graphics quality. It’s retro, simple and keeps you wanting more. You can pick it up and put it down easily and it doesn’t require a lot of time. We’re not saying you’re the type of person to game while you’re on waiting for your BF or GF to come , but if you are…well, we’ll keep you entertained.

Robot Space tests your skills, your reflexes and your determination. And if you’re good, you get to brag and show off your score on the leaderboard and why not to challenge your homies. If you suck, well play hard and get better Practice make success any way!

The game developed by Apposeidon games the new generation of game inventory.


• Admob Banner/Interstitial

• Chartboost Banner/Interstitial

• Sound On/Off

• Leaderboards

• Over 50 unique levels or Endless Mode it depends on your choice

• Gems, diamonds and more gems

• Unlockable characters

• A leaderboard so you earn your bragging rights and let your friends cry to chasse you

• Motivational in-game messages

• If you manage to beat the game, you will be treated with a nice and pleasant self esteem boosting experience.

• Robots in space!!!

• Nice graphics!

• Open world

• Share scores

• Adventure gameplay

• Phone and Tablet support

What You Get:

1. Robot Space.bbdoc (BUILDBOX TEMPLATE)

2. Full Eclipse Source Code

3. Documentation File PDF File