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TD Tools – Search Engine Created by evertith. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ? Leonardo da .

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TD Tools - Search Engine
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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ? Leonardo da Vinci

That is the key to this library. Simplicity. Quickly and easily add a powerful MongoDB-style search to your app. All you need is a JSON source, and you are good to go. Search through your JSON data like a boss!

Built on top of the Taffy DB engine, this library gives you:- Easy setup. Just include one JS file- Give the library a datasource, and bam, you have a search engine ready to do work- Add event listeners just like you do on views- Fast and powerful search capabilities. – Paging is built right in and is optional to use- Use a JSON object or a file with JSON in it- Includes a demo app to help you get your feet wet with a large dataset to test with- Includes documentation on different ways to search for data

Perfect for any app that has data that needs to be searched or filtered.