Titanium BlurMenu IOS Module

Titanium BlurMenu IOS Module Created by arted. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: A simple iOS menu with blur .

You can use this Titanium BlurMenu IOS Module on Mobile category for ios, menu, module, titanium and another uses.

Titanium BlurMenu IOS Module
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  • None: None
  • Ios 7.0.x: iOS 7.0.x
  • Javascript js: JavaScript JS
  • 636×1130: 636×1130

A simple iOS menu with blur background.

This Module create a View

you can create the view with this function

var mainview = tiblurmenu.createView({ “backgroundImage”: ”/img/3.jpg”, “menuItems” : [‘First’,’Second’,’Third’], “close” : L(‘Close’)});

you can pass the view backgroundImagethe menu items labelsand the close label message

when one item is clicked

is fired the event onClick with the index of the item

mainview.addEventListener(‘onClick’,function(e){ Ti.API.info(JSON.stringify(e)); mainview.hideMenu();});

in the video preview you can see the example app