Zjump – Addictive One Touch Game

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Zjump - Addictive One Touch Game
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  • Android 6.0, android 5.1.x, android 5.0, android 4.4.x, android 4.3.x, android 4.2.x: Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0, Android 4.4.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.2.x
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Arcade/JumpingWelcom to Zjump

Zjump is a funny and addictive game is awesome jumping game

Live version Demo Dwonload from Here : https://mega.nz/#!6FZDgCKL!W-r6Fsk2bM1ycb2pgd1rXjoCbRX4yHSpEjbaZy_P3Pw

Development Engine and Language: Eclipse and Cocos2d-x Engine with C++ and Java.

10 world with different difficulties and design.

The Game is Very simple to edit and Resking all Things you will Find it in the documentation File.

great features:

Over 10 worldRun and collect coinsjumping to avoid obstaclesAdmob AdsAnd more...

The Game is compatible with Android 6.0

Monetization :

Interstitials: Admob ads banner and interstitial

Levels :

11 Levels Different

Documentation :

You will find in Documentation :

How To:

– Import Project Into Eclipse Engine or Android Studio

– Change package name in AndroidManifest.xml

– How to Change Graphics game

– Configure Admob Banner and Interstitial

– Update You Rate Url

– Export the apk file

– All graphic to be changed are stored in androidassetsdataatlasses

– All Sounds to be changed are stored in androidassetsdatasounds