Personal website or company.

Personal website or company. Created by ribaslipe. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Personal website or company, with full .

You can use this Personal website or company. on Net category for blog, creative agency, Creative Corporate websites, creative portfolio, digital agency, image gallery, personal blogging, photo cms, photographer showcase, photography, responsive, twiiter bootstrap, website and another uses.

Personal website or company.
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  • None: None
  • .net 4.0, .net 4.5: .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5
  • Yes: Yes
  • Ie10, ie11, firefox, chrome, edge: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Edge
  • C# cs, sql, xml, javascript js, html, css: C# CS, SQL, XML, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

Personal website or company, with full management.

Server with IIS 6.0 or higher for MVC 4
MSSQL 2008 r2 or higher

Admin Panel
Pass: admin123


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