Alarme! PHP Class / JS Plugin Alarm Clock System

Alarme! PHP Class / JS Plugin Alarm Clock System Created by gugazimmermann. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Live Preview edited to function without date and time .

You can use this Alarme! PHP Class / JS Plugin Alarm Clock System on Php scripts category for alarm clock, clock display, dropdown, javascript plugin, php class, time format, translation and another uses.

Alarme! PHP Class / JS Plugin Alarm Clock System
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Live Preview edited to function without date and time limitations.

Alarme! Easy Alarm Clock System

Is a JavaScript Plugin / PHP Class Alarm Clock System very simple to use, you just need to create the a MySQL table, set the connection to the database in the PHP file, start the JavaScript Plugin and you’ll never lost time again.

Can be used for multi-user in admin templates, or any other project you have, where users can define their own alarms or the administrator can set alarms for the users, see if the alarms are looked, or any other application you want.

  • Pure JavaScript, no need other plugins to function, even bootstrap or jquery.
  • Use your favorite webfont, like font awesome or glyphicon.
  • Can be easily integrated on any application, admin templates, dashboards, etc.
  • Alarms appear on the screen in Modal and can be totally customized.
  • DrownDown list and Clock built by the plugin itself.
  • Can be divided by users, each with their individual alarms.
  • Easily change the time format, sound and language.
  • 35 languages translations Included.
  • Quick and easy you can make any modification you need.

Fully documented, we explain how to start the Plugin in various ways:

  • With or without DropDown List or Clock.
  • With Custom Sound, Mute or Without looping.
  • With language file, custom translation or picking up the user’s browser language and automatically searching the translation file.
  • How to display the time in the format of your own, or in a different format for each language.
  • With PHP class you can easily list the alarms, registering new, delete, or organize alarms by users – using sessions or directly placing the id.

In the preview we teach how to use the Alarme! in an complete way, and how to do this if you want to use other plugins such as Date Time Pickers, Color Pickers, Icon pickers, etc … for that we used as a complement Bootstrap, jQuery and some others plugins, but it is good to remember, none of them is required for Alarme! function fully.

As secondary functions of the Alarm! you can pick up the language that the user is using, format dates for other applications, refresh the dropdown or re-check the list of active alarms.