Botble CMS – PHP platform base on Laravel Framework

Botble CMS – PHP platform base on Laravel Framework Created by botble. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Created: 07/06/2016 By: Botble Technologies Email: .

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Botble CMS - PHP platform base on Laravel Framework
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Botble CMS – PHP platform base on Laravel Framework version 1.0

Created: 07/06/2016
By: Botble Technologies

Thank you for purchasing this CMS. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Admin Area

Why choose us

  1. Coding Standard: All code follow coding standards PSR-2 and best practices

    Validated by Codeship

  2. Fully Responsive: Compatible with all screen resolutions

  3. Powerful Permission System: Manage user, team, role by permissions. Easy to manage user by permissions.
  4. Page, blog, menu, contact modules are provided with the use of components to avoid boilerplate code.
  5. A vast number of jQuery components are provided, which helps you save time.
  6. Admin template comes with color schemes to match your taste.
  7. Blog module


  1. Apache, nginx, or another compatible web server.
  2. PHP >= 5.5.9 >> Higher
  3. MySQL Database server
  4. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  5. Mbstring PHP Extension
  6. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  7. Module Re_write server
  8. PHP_CURL Module Enable


  1. Social Login: Facebook, Github, Google…

  2. CRUD and Datatables

  3. Google Analytics Integration

  4. Roles and Permissions

  5. Media Management

  6. Menu Management

  7. Team Sidebar

  8. System Logs

  9. Translation

  10. Custom Fields


        07-08-2016 - Version 1.0        - Initial release        07-09-2016 - Version 1.0        - Fix dashboard widget, custom field and media management.        07-16-2016 - Version 1.0        - Add contact form support, fix some small bugs.        08-01-2016 - Version 1.0        - Add social login (login to admin page via facebook, github, google...        08-11-2016        - Update routes and media        08-31-2016        - Fix menu module (just run 'composer update' to update menu module)        - Fix media uploads, please replace botbe/repositories/feature, app/http/controllers/features and app/http/endpoints/feature, media.js in assets.        13-09-2016: - Fix folders in media is not accessible: To update, you just need update two files: + 
esourcesviewsfilespartialsuplevel.blade.php- Fix Menu management: Run 'composer update' to update menu package or replace vendorotblemenu folder.        

Botble Team

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