Fonix Web Stats Counter PHP Script

Fonix Web Stats Counter PHP Script Created by FonixDev. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Fonix Dev Stats Counter PHP Script is a Great system that allow you to run your own stats counter website, so your visitor can signup and track there website stats using Fonix Dev Stats Counter PHP .

You can use this Fonix Web Stats Counter PHP Script on Php scripts category for ajax, analytic, blog, browser, counter, language, monitor, online, stats, tracking, visitors, website, widget, wordpress, zend and another uses.

Fonix Web Stats Counter PHP Script
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  • Zend: Zend
  • Php 5.x, php 5.0 5.2, php 5.3, php 5.4, php 5.5, mysql 5.x: PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x
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Fonix Dev Stats Counter PHP Script is a Great system that allow you to run your own stats counter website, so your visitor can signup and track there website stats using Fonix Dev Stats Counter PHP Script.

Fonix is not just one site tracking system, its stand alone tracking system which you could use for 1000’s of website, you just have to embed Javascript or HTML code in your website after signup on your tracking site, it’s start tracking right away, Stats Can be store upto 5 years.

Also we have dedicated design a simple wordpress plugin which you could allow your users to download and install on there wordpress websites, which can be use for easy implementation of your tracking code, so no hard code required for editing wordpress theme file for tracking code.

This script has alot of feature, most important feature is real time tracking your visitors, which country they are from and what page are they on.




Password: admin


Admin Screenshots has been attached ..


  1. Apache V2.X+
  2. PHP 5.2+
  3. MySQL 5+ (One Empty Database)
  4. PDO_MySQL
  5. MOD_REwrite (Most Hosting Support)
  6. GD and GD2 with TTF Fonts (Most hosting Support)
  7. INI Parser (by default enable but some disable it).


  1. Real time Online Visitors Display
  2. Real time Dynamic Widget for Online visitors display
  3. Tracking Code can be use anywhere where is HTML or Javascript code allow or even image embed allow tracking will work.
  4. You can track your Items on Envato and know how many visitors you got so far, just like you can see at our codecanyon sale page at the bottom of.
  5. There is 5 different type of Widget for tracking
    1. Sidebar Widget
    2. Small Widget with Counter
    3. Widget without Counter
    4. Large Widget with Counter
    5. Flag Counter with Number of visitors from a country
  6. User Registration
  7. Signup Verification
  8. Login / Forget Password
  9. 4 Languages already included (using google translator).
    1. English
    2. French
    3. Germany
    4. Spanish
  10. 5 Pages can be customize through Admin panel
  11. FAQ
  12. Contact US page
  13. Social Links
  14. Home Page Sliders
  15. Account Management
  16. Multiple Project can bee add
  17. Track every single project on single page
  18. Display Total Visitors and Total page view on Project List pages.
  19. Edit/Delete or Get Code of a Project any time
  20. Stats Tracking
    1. Track Online Visitors with Links
    2. Ajax Based Auto Refresh Counter
    3. Track Online visitors with Country and Links
    4. 24 Hours Graph Tracking
    5. Visitors Today and Forecast and Trend
    6. PageView Today with Forecast and Trend
    7. Top 5 Countries
    8. Real Time Stats Refresh.
    9. Up to 5 year stats tracking
    10. Visitors Operating System
    11. Visitors Browsers
    12. Visitors Country
  21. Multiple Ads Display
  22. Dereffer any tracking link (complete get rid of tracking link)
  23. Timezone Management
  24. and Much More..

Admin Panel Features

  1. Manage Users Projects
    1. Display Stats
    2. Disable Stats
    3. Block or Delete Stats
    4. Deleting Stats Data
    5. Offline Stats
    6. Active/De-active Stats
  2. Manager Free Project (without signup Projects)
  3. Counter Setting (refresh time)
  4. Site Content Managements
  5. Users Managements
    1. Edit Visitors
    2. Delete Visitors
    3. Active/De-active Visitors
    4. Add Visitors
  6. logo Managements
  7. Social Link Managements
  8. FAQ Managements
  9. Advertisement Managements.
  10. Language Active/De-active
  11. Slider Managements
  12. Cron Job Settings.
  13. Admin Profile Managements.
  14. Last Admin Login Tracking
  15. and Much More..



Any type of Customer Support will be provided through , CodeCanyon Comment system only use for sales support purpose!.

Change Log:

  1. First Release v1.0