K-Quotes: Price Quotation System

K-Quotes: Price Quotation System Created by SoftReliance. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: K-Quotes is a powerful Job Quotation Servicing .

You can use this K-Quotes: Price Quotation System on Php scripts category for jobs, messages, price, quotation, tasks, workflows and another uses.

K-Quotes: Price Quotation System
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K-Quotes is a powerful Job Quotation Servicing script.

It’s impossible for some business to give standard prices for goods and services. This may be because the skills, time and materials required for each job vary depending on different customer’s needs.

In view of this we developed an automated price quotation system that provides up-to-the-minute price quotations that will help your channels close bigger deals faster with visibility into the latest product and pricing information, and the ability to quote quickly—from any device. With intuitive workflows, your reps and partners can discount smarter, run faster than the competition, and be easy to do business with—no matter how complex your business becomes.


ADMIN PORTALURL: http://kquotes.softreliance.com/admin
User: admin
Password: admin123

CUSTOMER PORTALURL: http://kquotes.softreliance.com/customer
User: demo
Password: demo123

WordPress Sitehttp://kquotes.softreliance.com/


  1. AJAX Based
  2. Intuitive User Interface
  3. Customizable Email Templates
  4. Messages will notify via email
  5. Photo galleries for jobs
  6. Allow customer to pay via Paypal
  7. Easy to create Price Quotation, with auto suggest of customers and automatically populate customer data
  8. Customer can post their jobs to WordPress Blogs and be able to edit it.
  9. And a lot more cool features