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Live Chat Business
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Never miss a customer again, deliver first class support, operator conferences, operators private chat and all that without special modifications on your web server or mobile phone. We have build Twilio/Nexmo into Live Chat Business which can send you a text message each time a customer or a client needs your help.

Features like, ProActive, GEO – IP, World Map with Client location, file sharing, avatar, mobile optimised, operator private chat, operator public chat, unlimited operators, cross browser, unlimited departments, slide up, pop up, live status, desktop notification, email notification, sms notification and much more.

That is the most advanced but easist live chat / support you ever seen and used.

It works on all websites included WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop and all others. One installation will serve all your websites.

Live Chat Business has been optimised to run on very basic web hostings as long the minimum requirements is available on your web server Live Chat Business will work.

Login with any operator first and the chat will go online, it is best to use two browser for testing but not necessary.

Our Software is PHP 7 ready!

WordPress Operator Bridge

The new WordPress Operator bridge is now available for all licensed customers.

Important Note for US Customers

Please purchase on our site because of the new Tax Law Envato is bound now and because they are unable to manage it correctly. You will get a better service, faster updates and an invoice if you like so. You can purchase it here on our website:

19.09.2016 – Version 2.6

08.08.2016 – Version 2.5

21.06.2016 – Version 2.4

16.05.2016 – Version 2.3

26.04.2016 – Version 2.2

15.03.2016 – Version 2.1

09.02.2016 – Version 2.0

13.01.2016 – Version 1.5

23.11.2015 – Version 1.4

25.10.2015 – Version 1.3

15.10.2015 – Version 1.2

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Do not use our main website for demos unless you have a real question.Thank you very much.