Multi Pharmacy – Pharmacy Management System (SaaS)

Multi Pharmacy – Pharmacy Management System (SaaS) Created by codearistos. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Ultimate solution for any kind of .

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Multi Pharmacy - Pharmacy Management System (SaaS)
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Multi Pharmacy – Pharmacy Management System (SaaS)

Ultimate solution for any kind of :

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Medicine Store
  3. Departmental Store


  1. Medicine Database
  2. Point of Sales (POS)
  3. Listing of all expense
  4. Invoicing
  5. Reporting
  6. Dynamic Dashboard.
  7. Dynamic Language
  8. Daily Sales Report
  9. Daily Expense Report
  10. Current Month Statistics
  11. Latest Sales , Expense and Medicine
  12. Sales Graph
  13. Quantity Update
  14. Inventory Stock Managemrnt
  15. Sale item
  16. Partial payment
  17. Expense Management
  18. Date to date report generate
  19. Sales report
  20. Expense report
  21. Sales Database
  22. Easy Settings
  23. Choose Any Currency
  24. Partial Payment
  25. Due Payment Management
  26. Device Responsive
  27. Use from online or offline

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Web based Pharmacy management System

For Single Pharmacy

-> Install the application
-> Login as admin with username: and pass: 12345
-> Change your username and password from profile module.
-> Run your system.
-> Thats it !.

For Multiple Pharmacy

-> Install the application.
-> Login as super admin with username: and pass: 12345
-> Create pharmacy from all pharmacy module in dashboard.
-> By creating a pharmacy totally new and separated pharmacy system will be created for that pharmacy.
-> Give the admin login credentials to pharmacy
-> Thats it !.

Business Opportunity

Make a Platform for all pharmacy in your community.

Different pharmacys owned by different people can be managed by this single application. Create an account for a pharmacy and give the login details to that pharmacy. thats it !


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