PHP Social Dashboard

PHP Social Dashboard Created by axentmedia. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Important: Please, check all the available features, supported networks and feed options before purchase. Unfortunately, according to CodeCanyon policy, we cannot accept refund requests regarding to the features that are not listed .

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PHP Social Dashboard
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Important: Please, check all the available features, supported networks and feed options before purchase. Unfortunately, according to CodeCanyon policy, we cannot accept refund requests regarding to the features that are not listed here.

Note: You can use this PHP application as is but, in fact this is a startup based PHP application for developers to drop in their larger application and use or extend it for their own purpose.

PHP Social Dashboard is a social media management platform that individuals or companies can use to coordinate a social media presence across multiple channels or accounts, through a single interface.
With this application users can have a social media stream including all of their social networking activities with multiple social network profiles displaying in a stylish masonry wall layout and can semi-manage all of them in one place.
This application receives the information through different API web services. Users authorize the app on their websites and the application fetches their social media account’s data and display this information inside their personal account on Social Dashboard platform on their websites.
Our application displays users’ data only to themselves and only after receiving their permission.

It supports 8 and growing social networks including their subset pages or channels and includes about 11 feed options.
Users will be able to post updates to their social accounts, add likes and comments on posts and share their posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Linkedin from their accounts. They will also have the option to reply, re-tweet or favorite the Twitter posts on their wall. They can even filter their social wall by social networks, pages or channels.
They can also change the style of their dashboard using the Layout Options and Skins or change the style of their wall using the Template manager, and make it as they like.

Main Features:

Supports 8 and growing social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo.

Status post on 4 different social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Posting likes/dislikes on 5 different social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo.

Posting comments on 7 different social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn.

Fully Responsive:

The application is fully responsive which enables you to be used on multiple devices.

Supporting 11 feed options:

  • Facebook user timeline posts and associated pages posts (including photos and videos).
  • Twitter user and home timeline Tweets (including photos and videos).
  • Google+ user timeline posts.
  • Pinterest user timeline Pins and boards Pins.
  • Instagram user posts (including photos and videos).
  • YouTube user uploads.
  • Vimeo user uploads.
  • LinkedIn company updates (only).

Media lightbox view:

Feature to display videos and images in lightbox in full screen.

Social login with 3 different social networks:

Facebook, Twitter and Google.

User management:

User management for administrators and Login/Register forms for accepting new users.

More Features:

  • Load more items button.
  • Allowing user to filter the social wall items by networks or specific page or channel.
  • Filtering the wall items using a search phrase.
  • Caching of social feeds in database to reduce up download time.
  • Read more link for long block of texts.
  • Opening images & videos in lightbox window.
  • Video icon overlay on wall video items.
  • Share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Linkedin from your account.
  • Fully documented + all examples.
  • 5 built-in wall templates + Template selector.
  • Allowing to change the dashboard layout and skins.
  • Including photo comments for Facebook.
  • Displaying likes & comments for Instagram.
  • Loading images over https.
  • Processing multiple profiles/users per network.
  • Processing multiple page feeds per network.
  • Supporting for multibyte character set languages.
  • Auto-resize responsive lightbox window.
  • Online debug log for administrators.
  • Translation ready through .php files.


  • The plugin requires the PHP version 5.4.45 or higher.
  • The plugin requires the MySQL version 5.5.0 or higher.
  • This plugin requires both PHP’s multibyte string extension AND iconv extension (enabled by default).
  • PHP’s XML extension is required (enabled by default).
  • PHP’s cURL extension is recommended (required for Facebook feed)

Package Includes:

  • PHP Social Dashboard 1.0 installable package.
  • Full documentation files in html format.
  • All assets is PSD layered format.

Live Demos:

Administrator Demo:

USERNAME: admin@socialdashboard.mePASSWORD: admindemo

User Demo:

USERNAME: user@socialdashboard.mePASSWORD: userdemo

Online Documentation:

Online documentation, can be find here.


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning to PHP Social Dashboard application please, contact us via our page on CodeCanyon’ or via our website at


Version 1.0 – 10.08.2016

  • First release.