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  • Php 5.x: PHP 5.x
  • Php: PHP
  • Firefox, ie6, ie7, ie8, safari: Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari
  • None: None

With this script you can easily place and manage polls on your website. The template systems give you the ability to customize the look and feel of the poll so it seamlessly fits in with the rest of your website.


  • Add/Edit/Delete polls in the admin panel
  • Password protected admin panel
  • Styling the look of the polls with templates and CSS
  • Multiple poll instances on one page
  • PDF documentation
  • 3 poll style examples
  • Data is stored in an XML file


Admin panel

You can test the admin panel here. You can login with the password admin.


v1.5.0 (03/02/2011)* Fixed bug when using special characters in titlev1.4.0 (02/24/2010)* Added 2 extra variables (TOPANSWER and TOPVOTES)v1.3.0 (01/07/2010)* Fixed some undefined variable notices* Return message when the selected poll doesn't existv1.2.0 (11/11/2009)* Fixed undefined index problem* Some small changes to the documentationv1.1.0 (10/17/2009)* File_get/File_put workaround* Added Totalvotes variable to use in templates