RSSExtract – Generate your site from RSS feeds and YouTube playlists

RSSExtract – Generate your site from RSS feeds and YouTube playlists Created by vision-px. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: RSSExtract is a PHP application based on the popular Laravel 5 .

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RSSExtract - Generate your site from RSS feeds and YouTube playlists
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RSSExtract is a PHP application based on the popular Laravel 5 framework.

With RSSExtract you can build your site from standard RSS/Atom feeds and YouTube playlists: items will be crawled from these sources and will be displayed on your pages with images, titles, date, etc. You can create multiple pages and assign any number of RSS sources to each page.

Check out the Live Preview! You will find the admin URL in the content (first row, fourth item).

High performance crawling! RSSExtract uses 6 parallel connections to crawl the RSS feeds and contents as fast as it is possible. Images are taken automatically from the feed or from the target URL.With its scheduled task (cron job) RSSExtract will automatically refresh your site periodically.


- high speed crawling with 6 parallel connections- supports RSS and Atom feeds- supports YouTube playlists (note: youtube videos will always have details page even if you set it to work in iframe mode because youtube can't be opened in iframe)- automatically refresh contents via cron job- syncrhonization process is triggerable via URL (if cron job is not an option)- create unlimited number of pages and sources, assign unlimited number of sources to pages- setup custom grid layout for the pages- two order modes and two image hover style effects- ability to open target URL in iframe- set how long an item should be displayed and stored- basic search functionality- configure your pages: number of items displayed, title, style of the details page, meta description and keywords- configure your sources: show or hide its title, custom display title and display URL- get image from the feed or (as a fallback) from the target URL (og:image tag)- insert custom code snippet in the head and body sections (analytics, ad scripts, etc)- insert custom code snippet to an item position (ads, etc)- og:meta tags are generated automatically- easy to use admin interface- unlimited number of admin users- use any available Bootswatch template from the admin- select your own Bootstrap compatible template from the admin

Detailed features:

Starting from version 1.3 RSSExtract not only supports RSS and Atom feeds but also YouTube playlists – mix your news with some videos!

You can define the layout of the pages – choose how to display items from pre-defined item templates. Every page can contain unlimited number of rows and you can select the style of each row!

Also you can insert custom code in the head and body sections of the pages and you can pre-define custom code snippets which can be inserted to your grid – with this feature you can easily insert for example advertisements or analytics scripts/snippets to your pages (anything which can be inserted into a HTML page).

You can choose from two ordering options: order by date OR order by consistent random – which means the items will be ordered randomly but the order will be the same for 1 hour (will change in every hour). This way you can build some magazine like page!

RSSExtract is built with standard Bootstrap 3. You can switch the used template or even use any of the available Bootswatch templates directly from the administration interface, because RSSExtract comes with an easy to use admin interface to manage your site. Do you have your own Bootstrap template? Use it!

Also you can define unlimited number of administrator users of course!


v1.41 (2016-06-13)

- Upgraded Laravel to 5.2.37- proc_open() now can be disabled (to use the PHP module used by your web server when triggering crawling from admin or via webcron instead of using the PHP CLI binaries). This is not recommended - just added as a fallback if your PHP CLI binaries are below v5.5.9.- PHP CLI version number is displayed on the admin interface

v1.4 (2016-05-25)

- Upgraded Laravel to 5.2- Synchronization process is triggerable via URL (if cron job is not an option)- Bugfix: minor bug fixed in consistent random ordering option

v1.31 (2016-02-05)

- Bugfix: maximum length of URLs of items- Bugfix: do not terminate crawl process if a wrong feed is processed- Bugfix: changed crawling logic to be able to crawl a huge number of sources (crawling in chunks, tested with 400+ sources)- Bugfix: fixed duplicated YouTube videos issue

v1.3 (2016-02-03)

- Feature: RSSExtract now can fetch YouTube playlists as well (you will need a YouTube API key!)- Feature: Style of the image hover effect is changed but can be configured Currently two styles are available (the new and the old one).- Feature: Ordering logic can be set for every page.- Maintenance: Removed the logic to keep 10 items even if these would be purged. It won't affect the active item logic.- Maintenance: Documentation fixes.- Bugfix: Fix ?pageUrl query string appending to routes- Bugfix: Fix recommendation logic: now search for items in all of the assigned sources (not only in the source of the current item)

v1.25 (2016-01-28)

- Feature: Two new row styles added: featured style with image on the left and right- Feature: Simple og:meta (title, description, image and url) tags are added- Feature: Create page dialog now has a button to directly go to the edit form after save- Feature: Warning message appear if no source is selected for the edited page- Feature: Message is shown if the visited page has no items- Change: Removed hero row template from the default order stack because most of the time RSS feeds don't provide (high) quality images. Hero template still available by selecting manually.- Change: Default inserted row template is now the thirds instead of the hero- Change: Page URLs with digits only are not allowed anymore- Change: Removed border from .thumbnail elements (CSS)- Bugfix: Strip HTML tags from item titles- Bugfix: Strip HTML tags from Atom feeds- Bugfix: Changing status of pages on the admin index caused overwriting of other properties

v1.22 (2016-01-27)

- Bugfix: fixed bug causing duplicated items rendering if a 'ghost' snippet was stored for the row

v1.21 (2016-01-26)

- Feature: improved the crawling process: now RSSExtract will try to fetch image from other, non-standard RSS nodes as well- Bugfix: .htaccess file (conflicting with the /admin route)

v1.2 (2016-01-25)

- Feature: target pages can be opened in iframes so your navigation header will still be visible on the top of the page while the target content is displayed in the body. Check out the Science page on the Live Preview! (You can configure your pages to open the target URL's in iframe directly from the page or from the details page) - Feature: basic search functionality was added. Currently the application search in the crawled titles and descriptions- Feature: long-term storing of items - sources can be configured to how long (in days) an item should be displayed and how long should it be accessible via direct URL. After the item has expired it will be deleted from the database- Feature: path of the php binary can be configured under the settings section. It is used when crawling sources from the admin interface- Pages with URL /admin, /i and /search are no longer allowed- Warning message will appear on the admin interface if the proc_open() function is not available in your PHP installation- Crawling of sources now available from the admin interface even if proc_open() is not available- Bugfix: Items per page and number of recommended item options now works correctly- Bugfix: Fixed a bug caused you can't save snippet configuration on the edit page form in some cases (added missing DB index)

v1.1.1 (2016-01-20)

- This is a maintenance release only. The mysql init script was not updated in the 1.1. This is fixed in this release.

v1.1 (2016-01-19)

- Pages in the top navigation bar can be sorted on the admin, so display order can be set- Detail pages can be disabled so items can link directly to the target URL (select the 'Disable details page' option for the style of details page)

Installation instructions are included in the documentation of course (you will find it in your package).


The live preview is in read-only mode. Any save operation will be ignored.

Laravel 5 system requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

RSSExtract extra requirements:

  • MySQL 5.x (5.5+ recommended)
  • (optional since 1.4) ability to set-up a cron job (to automatically and periodically fetch RSS feeds) OR synchronization process is triggered via URL call
  • curl and php5-curl extension
  • own domain or subdomain