Schoex – Ultimate school management system

Schoex – Ultimate school management system Created by SolutionsBricks. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Built on Laravel 4 And .

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Schoex - Ultimate school management system
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Schoex 2.5 – Ultimate school management system

Built on Laravel 4 And AngularJS

Schoex support 4 types of users :

  • Administrators
    • username : admin
    • password : admin123
  • Teachers
    • username : teacher
    • password : teacher123
  • Students
    • username : student
    • password : student123
  • Parents
    • username : parent
    • password : parent123

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What’s New on Schoex 2.3

  • Subject can support multiple teachers
  • Improve in sections areas and their support in application
  • Improve in sections areas
  • Administrator can change date format
  • Teacher can see only his schedule
  • Enhancement in mail & SMS
  • Prepare for Android application release
  • What’s New on Schoex 2.2

    • [Feature] Add Class filter in Students list
    • [Feature] Check/Uncheck All in attendance list
    • [Enhance] Responsive and RTL Responsive fix
    • [Feature] Students can see only his schedule
    • [Feature] Parents Birthday
    • [Fix] Import/Export fix

    What’s New on Schoex 2.1

    • Accounting including fee types & fee allocation
    • Auto generate invoices
    • Expenses Section
    • Custom administrators permissions
    • Class Sections
    • Marksheet Improvements
    • Marksheet export PDF & bulk export
    • Import Feature redesign with feature of data review
    • Online exams question marks
    • Online exams degree of success
    • Students can access their marksheets
    • Export attendance data
    • Improve mobile phone number UX
    • Enable / Disable Public registeration
    • Remove dependancy of Apache delete request

    Server Requirements

    • PHP >= 5.4
    • MySQL Database


    We provide support via :

    Change Log

    Version 2.5 – 14 Aug 2016

- [Feature] Android application released- [Fixes] Minor Bug fixes- [Fixes] Stability improvements

Version 2.4 – 18 Jul 2016

- [Feature] Email is not manadtory for students [Pre-School Option]- [Fixes] Bug fixes

Version 2.3 – 18 May 2016

- [Feature] Subject can support multiple teachers- [Feature] Improve in sections areas and their support in application- [Feature] Improve in sections areas- [Feature] Administrator can change date format- [Feature] Teacher can see only his schedule- [Feature] Enhancement in mail & SMS- [Feature] Prepare for Android application release

Version 2.2 – 3 Apr 2016

- [Feature] Add Class filter in Students list- [Feature] Check/Uncheck All in attendance list- [Enhance] Responsive and RTL Responsive fix- [Feature] Students can see only his schedule- [Feature] Parents Birthday- [Fix] Import/Export fix

Version 2.1 – 9 Jan 2016

- [Feature] Accounting including fee types & fee allocation- [Feature] Auto generate invoices- [Feature] Expenses Section- [Feature] Custom administrators permissions- [Feature] Class Sections- [Feature] Marksheet Improvements- [Feature] Marksheet export PDF & bulk export- [Feature] Import Feature redesign with feature of data review- [Feature] Online exams question marks- [Feature] Online exams degree of success- [Feature] Students can access their marksheets- [Feature] Export attendance data- [Feature] Improve mobile phone number UX- [Feature] Enable / Disable Public registeration- [Feature] Remove dependancy of Apache delete request - [Fix] Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0– 13 Oct 2015

- [Feature] New themes with ability for user to swich it- [Feature] Academic Years Support- [Feature] Enhanced promotion with ability to track students in past years- [Feature] Teachers vacation- [Feature] Students vacation- [Feature] Staff Attendance- [Feature] Study material- [Feature] Reports Area- [Feature] Media Center supports images, Youtube & Vimeo videos & support Modal for viewing Album contents- [Feature] Online Exams supports 3 types of questions : Single Choice, Multiple Choice & text Value- [Feature] Online Exams support now countdown counter for fixed time exam- [Feature] Students can apply their assignments answers from the portal and teachers can track students apply- [Feature] Multiple leaderboards- [Feature] Students can see their attendance & parents can see their students attendance- [Feature] Customized logo as 3 types : Site title, Custom text & Image- [Feature] Marksheet generation enhancements and ability to count attendance grades or not- [Feature] API ready with Token Authentication- [Feature] Allow mail/sms to specific users- [Feature] Allow configuration of custom SMS HTTP API- [Feature] Enhanced search operation- [Feature] Teachers can see only his resources- [Feature] Teachers can approve associated students in his classes- [Feature] Ability to change default currency- [Feature] Search area for messages receiver- [Feature] Latest Messages in the dashboard area- [Feature] Fully integrated API- [Feature] Enhanced class schedule area- [Feature] User password when change E-mail address for better security- [Feature] Users profile images preview- [Fix] Library columns - [Fix] Marksheet generation zero error- [Fix] Library columns - [Fix] Calendar start/end query- [Fix] Media Center UI- [Fix] Pagination data blank page- [Fix] Classes / Subjects association- [Fix] Poll default selection error- [Fix] MAIL/SMS Settings is now under site settings- [Fix] Remove dependancy of mod_rewrite

Version 1.4– 7 Jun 2015

- [Feature] Student Promotion- [Feature] New way to assign student to parent- [Feature] Event / News viewer from dashboard main page- [Feature] Spanish language- [Feature] RTL Support and languages improvements- [Fix] SMS/MAIL crash error- [Fix] Import / Export problem

Version 1.3– 1 Apr 2015

- [Feature] Students can see their attendance- [Feature] Improve attendance history- [Fix] SMS/Mail Send issue

Version 1.2 – 21 Feb 2015

- [Fix] Big improvements in UI- [Feature] Black theme, Theme switcher- [Feature] Languages System- [Feature] Payments System- [Feature] Import/Export via CSV/Excel- [Feature] Subject-Based attendance- [Feature] Attendance selection status from : Present, Absent, Late, Late with excuse Or Early Dismissal.- [Feature] Attendance Stats- [Feature] Support diffrent 8 SMS APIs and 4 methods of mail delivery- [Feature] Send Exam details to students and parents via Mail / SMS- [Feature] Send Student’s absence notifications via mail / SMS- [Feature] Mail/SMS Templates- [Feature] Transportation managements- [Feature] Polls System- [Feature] Media Center- [Feature] Multiple teachers for one class- [Feature] Users Profiles- [Feature] Enable / Disable modules- [Feature] School terms- [Feature] Update tool- [Fix] Fix library book type & State- [Fix] Fix Mail/SMS message Date- [Fix] Fix Messages message time - [Fix] Fix messages sending button- [Fix] Forget Password CSS issue- [Fix] Delete student from parent- [Fix] Fix minor Bugs

Version 1.0.2 – 29 Dec 2014

- Fix Admin Edit/Add- Fix Bugs

Version 1.0.1 – 24 Dec 2014

- Fix CSRF when edit users

Version 1.0.0 – 21 Dec 2014

- First version release