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Server monitor
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Servermonitor is a script that helps you monitor your servers and services. You can maken a list of services you want to monitor and directly check if they are online or make a cronjob that will check every hour and email the results to your mailbox.

How to use

Below you find example of how you can use the servermonitor class.

include('servermonitor.php');$Monitor = new ServerMonitor();$Monitor->add('Local server', '', 8888);$Monitor->add('Google server', '', 80);$Monitor->add('Test server', '', 80);$Monitor->add('Local MySQL server', '', 8889);$Monitor->add('Sitebase Server', '', 80);$results = $Monitor->run();

The variable $results will contain an array with the results.


v1.1.0 (01/06/2011)* New help file* Extra examplev1.0 (06/06/2009)* Initial version released