SoundCloud – API PHP Class

SoundCloud – API PHP Class Created by Tatwerat-Team. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: PHP class for build you script with SoundCloud .

You can use this SoundCloud – API PHP Class on Php scripts category for api, app, class, download, html5, media, oop, php, player, playlist, soundcloud, sounds and another uses.

SoundCloud - API PHP Class
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PHP class for build you script with SoundCloud API

WordPress Plugin Available Now

Compatible With Visual Composer

  1. Test Script Included
  2. Well Documented
  3. Functions List
    1. Sound Search
    2. Sound Data
    3. Sound Comments
    4. Playlist Sounds
    5. User Data
    6. User Playlist
    7. User Sounds
    8. Iframe Player
    9. HTML5 Player
    10. Download Sound
    11. Get User ID
    12. Get Sound ID

    Online Documentation