ZoomPortal – Audio Portal Platform

ZoomPortal – Audio Portal Platform Created by ZoomIt. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Whether you want to start a sound portal site for your users to easily share and listen to tracks, or you just want a site for your music band to easily showcase it’s music and members, ZoomPortal is the perfect solution. .

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ZoomPortal - Audio Portal Platform
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The Sound Portal. Reinvented

Audio Portal Intro

Whether you want to start a sound portal site for your users to easily share and listen to tracks, or you just want a site for your music band to easily showcase it’s music and members, ZoomPortal is the perfect solution.

And if you don’t like our predefined demos, which you can install in one click, you can create virtually any site with our integrated page builder. Tons of options await to be customized in both the builder and the general portal.

Audio Portal Features

  • fully responsive – looks great from mobile to HD
  • touch optimized – touch devices are not forgotten
  • ajax enabled – play music tracks continuasly
  • integrated page builder– customize your own content with ease
  • easy install – three steps install, very easy
  • chat message – integrated custom chat system
  • pretty links – pretty links option for users and tracks
  • SEO friendly – built with search engine optimization on mind from the ground up
  • compatible with all major browsers – IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • retina ready – looks great on retina devices
  • custom search – searches through the site tracks and artists
  • advanced backup system – backup all your tables with one click, import them with one click
  • custom search – your users will find content fast
  • custom chat system – you can connect with your users, and your users with you!
  • time based comments – your users can comment directly on the track
  • adsense ready – adsense can be integrated easily
  • album upload – let your visitors upload whole albums of tracks
  • album download – let your visitors purchase whole albums and download zip
  • notifications system – let your visitors know when their friends do important actions
  • soundcloud post – post tracks directly from soundcloud by just copy paste their link


For updating, you can just replace all the files from the zip with your actual ones. The only folder that needs to be kept is the upload/ folder.

UPDATE 1.32 [ 09/29/2016 ]

  • [ADD] new button aspect option for skin-wave ( in player configurations )
  • [ADD] new inline-menu element
  • [TWEAK] now theme-default has a boxed layout
  • [TWEAK] now bottom footer player is boxed

UPDATE 1.31 [ 08/25/2016 ]

  • [FIX] multiple bugs including stability fixes, play count fixes and album downloads

UPDATE 1.30 [ 07/24/2016 ]

  • [ADD] new wave mode
  • [ADD] new album type upload
  • [ADD] new album type download option
  • [ADD] new iTunes link option
  • [ADD] new soundcloud submit
  • [ADD] new repost system
  • [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 1.23 [ 07/03/2016 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 1.22 [ 07/01/2016 ]

  • [ADD] notifications for skin-default menu
  • [ADD] reposts functionality
  • [FIX] some bugs with facebook share
  • [FIX] some bugs with paypal ipn

UPDATE 1.21 [ 06/15/2016 ]

  • [TWEAK] now you can move elements between elements area
  • [FIX] some more bugs with playlist and explore page

UPDATE 1.20 [ 06/13/2016 ]

  • [ADD] plugins system
  • [ADD] statistics
  • [ADD] link option for images
  • [ADD] many new options for the featured slider ( QUERY element / type thumbs ) – including showing trending tracks ( most popular in last 24 hours )
  • [FIX] bugs with cart not calculating with subunitar prices

UPDATE 1.19 [ 06/07/2016 ]

  • [ADD] pagination via pagination buttons – 1 [3] etc.
  • [FIX] explore page fatal error
  • [FIX] multiple bug fixes and stability improvements for paypal

UPDATE 1.18 [ 05/14/2016 ]

  • [ADD] pagination via LOAD MORE button
  • [FIX] facebook share not working

UPDATE 1.17 [ 04/20/2016 ]

  • [ADD] forgot password functionality
  • [TWEAK] user must wait for the wave forms to be generated before it can click submit
  • [FIX] tags now order by submit date (descending ) by default – like the explore page

UPDATE 1.16 [ 04/05/2016 ]

  • [FIX] domino import
  • [FIX] tag page pagination scroll

UPDATE 1.15 [ 04/03/2016 ]

  • [ADD] new theme – domino
  • [ADD] parallax option for images
  • [ADD] reports section in admin
  • [ADD] report copyright field in track pages

UPDATE 1.14 [ 04/01/2016 ]

  • [ADD] followers section in user header
  • [ADD] following section in user header
  • [ADD] likes section in user header
  • [FIX] social links now point to correct track link

UPDATE 1.13 [ 03/23/2016 ]

  • [ADD] social disable option ( for each social network share )
  • [FIX] dramatically improved facebook share – now displays track title, description and thumbnail in facebook
  • [TWEAK] removed script tag from embed and increased height of embed iframe
  • [ADD] option for user location in user settings

UPDATE 1.12 [ 03/22/2016 ]

  • [ADD] disable shop option
  • [ADD] download links open in new tab option
  • [TWEAK] now settings tab remember the last tab you were on on refresh
  • [FIX] a bug with cover image not showing in pretty links

UPDATE 1.11 [ 03/22/2016 ]

  • [ADD] site title option in the settings
  • [ADD] up to 6 languages can be set in the language bar now
  • [FIX] language bar now showing correct current language icon
  • [FIX] fatal bug – admin pages not loading

UPDATE 1.10 [ 03/18/2016 ]

  • [ADD] repair database option
  • [ADD] optional pretty links for tracks and users
  • [ADD] deposit option ( needs manual input by admin )
  • [ADD] purchases table in the admin
  • [ADD] translation for Portuguese
  • [ADD] translation for German
  • [ADD] translation for Italian
  • [ADD] translation for Spanish
  • [ADD] translation for French
  • [FIX] likes

UPDATE 1.01 [ 03/13/2016 ]

  • [ADD] progress bar for uploads
  • [ADD] buy text for events
  • [ADD] start month and year option for calendar
  • [FIX] tracks not playing in safari
  • [FIX] tracks not showing time at portal startup


How to access the admin ?

The admin can be easily accessed from admin.php . If your site install is http://yoursite.com/soundportal/ , you can access the admin from http://yoursite.com/soundportal/admin.php

How to remove the time uploaded from ?

Go to the admin. Go to Pages, select Explore page. Edit the Query element, and under Style select Under.

How to place tracks with free download ?

You can just set Is Buyable to ON and Price to 0 and the track will be placed for free download.

Can normal users upload and sell tracks?

Any registered user can upload and has an option to sell the track. PRO users will have a a bigger upload limit and bigger limit of tracks.

How are payments processed to users?

All payment is sent to a admin email address ( defined in the settings ) . Admin can release payments at a given date based on a purchases table in the admin.

is this support ads like adsense?

Yes, you can include the adsense iframe code anywhere in the portal


  • tracks and images are not included in the download package.
  • the waveform is a static image it is auto generated on user upload