Auto Update Order

Auto Update Order Created by hakim_jz. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: DESCRIPTIO .

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Auto Update Order
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  • None: None
  • Opencart 2.3.0.x, opencart 2.2.0.x, opencart 2.1.x, opencart 2.0.x, opencart 1.5.6.x: OpenCart 2.3.0.x, OpenCart 2.2.0.x, OpenCart 2.1.x, OpenCart 2.0.x, OpenCart 1.5.6.x
  • No: No
  • None: None
  • Html, xml, php: HTML, XML, PHP


Auto Update Order allow your website to automatically update order based on your rules that have already set. You can set rule which order status that will be updated, the duration time for order that can be executed, and customize comment for each order.


Compatible with OpenCart 1.5.6.X, 2.0.X.X, 2.1.X.X,, 2.3.0.X version!


  • Auto Update Order just by visiting backend or frontend
  • Set up duration by day/hour
  • Set customized comment for each order
  • VQMOD required!
  • Easy installation & configuration!
  • No core files replaced on installation!


  • Installation files for each Opencart Version compatible.
  • Installation guide.
  • Support Available.


  • Extract zip file in your computer or file server manager.
  • Paste into your Opencart folder (NO files will be replaced)
  • Login to your admin panel and browse to module menu
  • Find and install Auto Update Order