Muse Upload Form

Muse Upload Form Created by responsive_muse. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Add a customizable contact form with file attach option to your .

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Muse Upload Form
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Add a customizable contact form with file attach option to your website.

Websites usually use contact forms, but sometimes it is useful to add a upload file option to this forms.

– Are you hiring people?

– Do you need that your clients or colleagues to send you files when using your website?

Our upload form widget will allow you to do that!

Just add our widget to Muse workspace, edit & attach contactsec.php file and upload your exported Muse website to any PHP compatible server.


– Send to multiple recipients separating them by comma.- Set up to 5 different dropdown subjects.- The form supports one attached file. If your users want to send more files, they should compress them into a zip file.


1 – Edit contactsec.php with Notepad++ (or another software that will not change file encoding) and write your destination (or multiple recipients) email.2 – Add upload widget to your Muse workspace and customize it3 – Attach contactsec.php in widget settings4 – Export your site in Muse and upload it to any PHP mail compatible server.


– This widget will not work in Adobe Muse Preview. You need to upload it to your PHP compatible server to see it work.

– Make sure your Hosting Provider is PHP compatible and supports mail() PHP function.

– If you are not sure, your best choice is contacting your hosting provider. Some like Godaddy and Business Catalyst will not send emails due to their restrictions, although others, like Banahosting, Aruba or Ipage, send them OK.