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Plus Gallery - Joomla version
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Please note! This is Joomla version! If you are WordPress lover WORDPRESS version is here!

Plus Gallery grabs all your albums and images from an online source or feed and display them on your site or within individual blog posts. It allows you to browse albums and galleries, or display just one Gallery at a time. Take a photo with your iphone, post to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Google Plus and it is automatically added to your site as well.

Now people have an easy way to update and maintain their photos via, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, etc and their old photo galleries on their website quickly become outdated. Plus Gallery takes your albums and photos from your online gallery and streams them directly to your website or individual blog/news posts.


  • Fully Responsive: Display the same on any devices.
  • Dynamically load images from Facebook, Instagram, Google + or Flickr to your site’s gallery.
  • Manage gallery by including/excluding albums, limit the number of pictures to be display in each album.
  • Compatible with Tablet, Smart phone
  • Inline help: instructions directly from the admin area.
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Very Detailed Documentation

Change Log:

V1.0.4 (12 Dec15)  - [UPDATED] the Facebook Access Token.V1.0.3 (16 Mar 15)  - [FIXED] fix minor bug about the language file and improve the CSS.V1.0.2 (7 Mar 15)  - [FIXED] the error on init load albums of Flickr.V1.0.1 (12 August 14)  - Instructions directly from the admin area improved.V1.0.0 (9 August 14)  - Initial Release


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