Scrollr Custom Scrollbar for Adobe Muse

Scrollr Custom Scrollbar for Adobe Muse Created by Nakshatra. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Scrollr has features such as Compatible Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Safari, Chrome, Software Version: Muse CC 2015, Muse CC 2014 .

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Scrollr Custom Scrollbar for Adobe Muse
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  • Muse cc 2015, muse cc 2014: Muse CC 2015, Muse CC 2014
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  • Safari, chrome, safari, chrome: Safari, Chrome, Safari, Chrome
  • .mulib: .MuLib

Scrollr – Custom Scrollbar Adobe Muse Widget.

Looking for custom scrollbars which can be matched to the theme of your website. If so, then Scrollr is here for you. Scrollr has tons of options which any other custom scrollbar widget doesn’t have. Scrollr is also very easy to setup and customize. There’s many things you can do with it. Scrollr is a Web-kit based widget to change the scrollbar of a Web-kit based browser like Google Chrome.

Enjoy giving a custom look to the Browser’s scrollbar.

Installing and Using:

  1. Once you’ve Downloaded the widget, extract it to the desired location (Folder).
  2. Launch Adobe Muse.
  3. Navigated to the place extracted and double click on “Nakshatra – Scrollr Custom Scrollbar”.
  4. Head back to Adobe Muse, pull out Library panel (Window Menu – Library).
  5. In the Library Menu, you should find a folder named Nakshatra. Open the Folder.
  6. Once the folder is open, you’ll see the widget named “Nakshatra – Scrollr Custom Scrollbar”. Click and Drag it on the page.
  7. As soon as the widget is place on the page the widget options fly-out is open by default.
  8. Change the colours, enable or disable shadows, Border and buttons.
  9. Preview in the browser.

Note: The widget only changes the scrollbar but doesn’t appear in the webpage.

Let is know if you need any help setting up the widget, we shall do the needful.