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VT Menu Icon Created by duckz. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: VicTheme.com Menu Icon module is a Drupal 7 module for adding an image to Drupal menu .

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VT Menu Icon
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VicTheme.com Menu Icon module is a Drupal 7 module for adding an image to Drupal menu links.

Ajaxed FormImage style supportFile uploadSelect uploaded filePoint and Click processDrupal 75 Steps easy installationNo Additional databaseNo coding requiredUnlimited file storage

The module will store all the icons file data and information by utilizing existing Drupal database table to ensure the performance is not hindered by adding an icon to a menu item.

The file information is stored in Drupal standard file_usage table and file_managed tables. while the menu item will store the icon file information and its styling information in the Drupal menu_links table as serialized array.

This way all menu icon information will be cached by Drupal as it would be for a normal menu item entry, thus no additional database hit will be used to load the menu data.

The Configuration page is attached to Drupal original menu edit configuration form and utilizes AJAX for better user experience.

Files Package with module file and documentation on 5steps installation included.