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Kanda Bootstrap skin Created by JindaTheme. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Kanda has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Software Version: Bootstrap 3 .

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Kanda Bootstrap skin
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Last update: 05/06/2016, version 3.6

+ Version 3.6, 05/06/2016----- [Update] fontAwesome to version 4.6.3----- [Update] jQuery to version 1.12.4

Kanda is a lightweight skin for Twitter Bootstrap 3, built with clean and minimalist concept. Easy installation and customization with step-by-step documentation. Kanda including LESS files and other useful jQuery plugins such as datetime-picker, daterange-picker, color-picker, sparklines chart, validation control by Nod!, dropzone etc..

Most of our extended classes based on HTML and pure CSS. For example, thumbnail hover effect and modal animate effects. So our element are fully responsive and easy to implement. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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+ Version 3.5, 20/09/2015----- [Update] Core Bootstrap files to version 3.3.5----- [Update] fontAwesome to version 4.4.0----- [Update] Modernizr to version 2.8.3----- [Update] jQuery to version 1.11.3----- [Fixed] CDN path for fontAwesome, jQuery and modernizr----- [Fixed] minor fixed.
+ Version 3.3, 05/06/2015----- [update] core Bootstrap files to v3.3.4----- [update] fontAwesome 3.4 ----- [improve] Documentation 
+ Version 3, 02/11/2014----- [update] Core BootStrap files to v3.3----- [separated] Kanda LESS files from BootStrap LESS----- [change] Main green colour----- [improved] Documentation  

+ Version 2.4, 6/09/2014----- [add] portal template----- [add] portal css----- [add] password strength library plugin

+ Version 2.3, 22/08/2014----- [add] pricing table template----- [add] pricing table css----- [improved] documentation
+ Version 2.2, 1/08/2014----- [fixed] including LESS files----- [fixed] minor CSS
+ Version 2.1, 16/07/2014----- [add] Macnific popup ( jQuery lightbox )----- [add] Store template----- [fixed] minor css
+ Version 2.0, 04/07/14----- Update core Bootstrap 3.2.0----- Update Normalize.css v3.0.1----- [add] more templates (login, blog, gallery, mailbox, startup, promotion and video background)----- [add] text-remove and text-capitalize----- [add] noUISlider----- [add] Owl-Carousel----- [add] New hover effects----- [add] VideoBG----- [fixed] navbar-transparent border-radius----- [fixed] code tag, warp-text----- [fixed] minor button bugs----- [fixed] increased heading tag line-height----- [re-arrange] mixins folder
+ Version 1.1, 25/06/14----- Improved docmentation----- [add] Quick start section----- [add] Basic starter template----- [add] Colors code----- [fixed] documentation styles
+ Version 1.0, 24/06/14----- Initialize project.

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