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bbPress Thread Prefixes Created by samiel. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: This plugin will add the feature of easily generating prefixes for topics and assigning groups of prefixes for each forum in the admin .

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bbPress Thread Prefixes
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bbPress Thread Prefixes WordPress Plugin

This plugin will add the feature of easily generating prefixes for topics and assigning groups of prefixes for each forum in the admin section.

These prefixes can be a requirement for users while creating or editing topics, you can set the prefixes to filter the topic title and appear within titles, or appear separately as clickable icons which will pull up all topics that have this thread prefix assigned.

You can set default colors and background colors with flexibility with color pickers, add further CSS styles and customize any prefix.

You can also exclude users from assigning prefixes to topics and leave this tool for site moderators or admins only.

Moderators or admins can set the prefix groups for forums in the post admin while creating or editing forums, and set prefix for topics when editing topics in the admin section.

The thread prefixes feature is already available in several forum boards, such as MyBB, Xenforo and other softwares but not in bbPress.

New features – 0.3 release

  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug related to updating prefix while some topic forms might not have a forum ID specified, and therefore the prefixes menu will not be added to the form. The form will be validated as soon as you submit the new topic, and you’ll be prompted to select a prefix for your topic AS LONG AS this forum has a prefix group assigned, AND prefixes are required (settings)
  • New feature: Anyone can now subscribe to prefixes via RSS feeds. Each prefixes has its own feed listing the topics which have this prefix in common. And also prefix archives have their own RSS feed where anyone can subscribe to new prefixes, etc..
  • New feature: You can now add descriptions for each single prefix and it will be embedded on top of its archives and in the prefixes archives RSS feeds as well.
  • New feature: SEO-friendly pages: Prefix archive pages will no longer select prefixes from query strings, now custom slugs are added for great SEO and user experience..
  • New feature: You can now embed prefixes on top of each forum topics archives (e.g and have them listed and used as forum categories for instance. Special thanks for Joshua from for suggesting feature one once ago.
  • Please note: Current screenshots refer to earlier versions, these new features aren’t added in the screenshots yet.

    Prefix Styles

    Within topic title

    This setting will allow you to insert the selected prefix within the topic title which will be always filtered and set to contain the prefix. With this setting, you can still access the prefixes archives and pull topics which have the same prefix assigned.

    A live simple example of this is support forums; when a topic is marked resolved by a user, a prefix [Resloved] is being inserted right before the thread title: [Resloved] Topic title

    Separate prefix as icon

    With this setting on, prefixes will appear as styled icons, clickable or not, pointing to the archives page.

    You can style any prefix by its own while adding or editing the prefix as option in the plugin admin section

    Further extending & customization

    bbPress Thread Prefixes comes with ready action and filter hooks which you can use to easily add custom content and override settings and existing content etc.

    A list of hooks you can use is included in the plugin pack in a text file with examples and further information

    If you have suggestions or need more hooks, let me know.


    0.3.2 – Added many features, and fixed couple bugs. Read about it in the News and Announcement forum.
    — April—, 3016

    0.2 – Fixed several bugs, including:

  • Fixed a bug related to forums list showing only the last 5 topics instead of all forums
  • Thread prefix can pull already trashed topics, fixed.
  • Repeating prefix icon in the breadcrumbs – originally reported by iShot, fixed.
  • — January 20th, 3016

    0.1 – initial release — January 11th, 2016

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