BeautySpot – WordPress Theme for Beauty Salons

BeautySpot – WordPress Theme for Beauty Salons Created by LSVRthemes. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: BeautySpot is primarily focused to serve as an ideal WordPress theme for your beauty salon, but it can be easily usedfor many other niches. Creating your own color scheme, which will suit your business, is matter of few .

You can use this BeautySpot – WordPress Theme for Beauty Salons on WordPress category for beauty, hairdressers, makeup, manicure, massage, products, reservation, salon, saloon, sass, shop, spa, therapy, wellness and another uses.

BeautySpot - WordPress Theme for Beauty Salons
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Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Beauty Salon, Hairdressers, Wellness or Spa!

BeautySpot is primarily focused to serve as an ideal WordPress theme for your beauty salon, but it can be easily usedfor many other niches. Creating your own color scheme, which will suit your business, is matter of few minutes.

HTML version is also available.

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Other Notable Features

  • Coded with SASS so you can create a custom color skin for your beauty salon in few minutes!
  • WooCommerce support allows you to sell your beauty products without much hassle.
  • Responsive layout with Retina graphics. Your clients can make appointments or get your beauty salon contact info right from their mobile devices.
  • Rich theme options by Redux Framework.
  • FontAwesome icons.
  • MailChimp subscribe form.

Images seen in preview are NOT included. Check out the documentation to learn where you can obtain your own licences for those images.



Complete changelog can be found here.

v2.2.9Updated Visual Composer to 4.12.1v2.2.8Added new field to Theme Options / General Settings - Google Maps API KeyGoogle Maps API Key is now required for Google Maps to work! You can generate your own at LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.1.2v2.2.7Updated Visual Composer to 4.12v2.2.6Updated FontAwesome icons to 4.6.3Updated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.1.1Various small fixesv2.2.5Updated Visual Composer to small fixesv2.2.4Updated Visual Composer to 4.11.2Various small fixesv2.2.3Updated Visual Composer to 4.11.1v2.2.2Contact Form 7 4.4 compatibility fixes (if you are using custom skin, please re-create it again as per documentation)Various small fixesv2.2.1Updated Visual Composer to 4.10Updated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.1.0Various small fixesv2.2.0Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5Updated Redux Framework to 3.5.9v2.1.9Updated Visual Composer to 4.9.2v2.1.8Fixed image crop issue in Gallery elementFixed alt text in Image elementFixed minor issue with Accordion elementUpdated FontAwesome icons to 4.5Updated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.0.9Updated Visual Composer to 4.9.1Various small fixesv2.1.7WP 4.4 compatibility fixesUpdated Visual Composer to 4.9v2.1.6Updated FontAwesome icons to 4.4Updated Visual Composer to 4.8.1Updated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.0.8Removed Dribbble and Instagram widgets. Please use 3rd party plugins for this: small fixesv2.1.5Updated Visual Composer to Redux Framework to LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.0.7Updated documentationFixed various small issuesv2.1.4Updated Visual Composer to 4.7.4Updated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.0.6Various small fixesv2.1.3Updated Visual Composer to 4.7.2Various small fixesv2.1.2Updated Visual Composer to 4.7Updated Redux Framework to 3.5.7v2.1.1WP 4.3 compatibility fixesUpdated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.0.5v2.1.0Updated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.0.4Updated Visual Composer to 4.6.2Updated Redux Framework to small fixesv2.0.9Updated Visual Composer to 4.6.1Updated Redux Framework to Visual Composer to 4.6v2.0.7Updated Visual Composer to 4.5.3Updated TGM Plugin Activation class to 2.5.0v2.0.6Various small fixesUpdated Visual Composer to 4.5.2v2.0.5Fixed various minor bugsUpdated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) plugin to 2.0.3Updated Visual Composer to 4.5.1v2.0.4Updated TGM Plugin Activation class to 2.4.2Updated Visual Composer to 4.5Removed Redux Framework from theme and added it as a separate pluginv2.0.3Added autoplay option to Carousel elementUpdated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) plugin to 2.0.2Various small fixesv2.0.2Fixed small issues with Gallery, Carosuel and Tabs elementsFixed bug with services images for Aqua Page Builder usersUpdated Visual Composer to 4.4.3Updated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to 2.0.1v2.0.1Fixed bug where in some cases post content won't show upFixed bug with services images for Aqua Page Builder users.Updated documentationv2.0.0Massive update (please read for Visual Composer (which is also now included with this theme)Creation of color skins is now simplerSidebar contact panel can now be closed by default even on bigger screensRemoved an icon when hovering over certain iamge elementsSupport for WooCommerce 2.3.xVarious minor visual and code fixesUpdated Child Theme to version 2.0.0Updated documentationv1.2.3Fixed issue with Instagram / Dribbble / Flickr widgetsFixed issues with image uploads in Page BuilderUpdated LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) plugin to version 1.0.7v1.2.2Updated FontAwesome to version 4.3Updated Redux Framework to version 3.4.1v1.2.1Updated Redux Framework to version documentation.Updated Redux Framework to version issue with left aligned images.Updated Redux Framework to version some old code from breadcrumbs.php.Updated Redux Framework to version media upload issue in Theme Options.Updated Redux Framework to version Yelp social icon.Better optimization of header contact info on mobile devices.Fixed issue with some form elements.Fixed some issues with Social Icons. Please review your social icons after applying this update under Theme Options / General Settings and resave them.Updated Redux Framework to version for issue with Reservation Form.v1.1.4Better optimization for Reservation form on mobile devices.Fixed bug with incorrect font family for some titles.Updated Redux Framework to version font rendering in Chrome for various elements.Fixed resetting of the Contact/Reservation form after submit.Updated Redux Framework to version for issue with Social Icons.v1.1.1Updated FontAwesome icons to version 4.2.Fixed styling for Woocommerce Price Filter widget.Fixed issue with Shortcode Generator modal for upcoming WP 4.0.v1.1.0Fixed bug with Previous / Next post links in post detail.Updated Redux Framework to version Redux Framework to version for issue with Tab & Accordion block in Page Builder.v1.0.7Hotfix for issue with color schemes.v1.0.6Added a custom version of Aqua Page Builder called Aqua Page Builder (LSVR). Please remove the standard APB plugin before installing this version.Added RSS, Mail and VK social icons.Added option to make Accordion item opened by default when using Page Builder.Updated Child Theme to version 1.0.1 (added library/img folder from the parent theme).Updated documentation (how to change slider height).v1.0.5Small hotfix which adds a notification about the latest version of LSVR Toolkit (BeautySpot) to wp-admin.v1.0.4Added option to disable the 'Home' link in breadcrumbs and change its label (Theme Options / Pages).Added option to Button shortcode to open the link in a new tab.Added support for HTML formatting for gallery item titles (Only through the Gallery block of page  Builder).Added support for third level menu in the Header menu.Fixed the breadcrumbs for pages with hierarchy.Fixed the Sidebar/Header flickering on scroll in Chrome.Minor Header CSS optimization for iPad.v1.0.3Added option to open social icons in new tab (in Theme Options / General Settings).Added image preview to Gallery block in the Page Builder.Added option to crop thumbnails in Gallery block of the Page Builder.Better theme optimization by merging various JS files.Updated Redux Framework to version documentation with tutorial on how to create the Gallery page.Fixed radio inputs functionality in reservation form.Fixed responsive layout issues.v1.0.2Style Switcher hotfix.v1.0.1Datepicker in the Reservation Form is now translatable.Better optimization for iPad.New Video shortcode / page builder block.v1.0.0Initial ThemeForest release.