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Careers - Job Portal & Candidates WP Theme
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Video Tutorial
Support Portal

Careers is a HR Portal WordPress Theme that is ideal for running a Job Portal WordPress theme and a Candidates Database WordPress theme.

Careers offers a wide range of tools that put together recruiters and candidates via an advanced job search criteria and a candidate & job management system

Main Features include:

  • Front-End user page for recruiters/agencies
  • Front-End user page for Candidates
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Taxonomy & Metadata searching (including dependency)
  • Partners Page
  • Unlimited subscription packages by the site Owner
  • Information on demand approach for Job Listings & Candidates’ Profiles

Some Screenshots of the main pages: (these screenshots are from the psd template so please make sure that you check the wp demo as there might be some minor elements that differ)


Advanced Jobs Search Page

Job Page

Candidates Listing

Candidate Profile Page

Stock images and backgrounds are not included in the package

Basic Overview

  • Job listing
  • Candidate listing
  • Classified job post
  • Candidate resume builder


---------------------------------------------v 1.0.3 (03 July, 2015):- New: Slider Revolution support in the homepage templates (Plugin files not included)- Fix: Job application display in the company dashboard page---------------------------------------------v 1.0.2 (05 June, 2015):- Add: missing meta field in the job post type- Fix: PHP 5.3 Array Compatibility- Fix: Homepage search bug fix for location---------------------------------------------v 1.0.1 (28 May, 2015):- Fix: Email issues in company profile- Fix: Email issues in candidate profile---------------------------------------------