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Duotive Keep for WordPress Created by duotive. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Customizable, unlimited Frontpage layouts with individual .

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Duotive Keep for WordPress
© Copyright by duotive


  • Layered psd, php files, css files, js files: Layered PSD, PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
  • Well documented: Well Documented
  • Responsive: Responsive
  • WordPress 4.2, wordpress 4.1, wordpress 4.0, wordpress 3.9, wordpress 3.8, wordpress 3.7, wordpress 3.6, wordpress 3.5: WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5
  • None: None
  • Ie8, ie9, ie10, ie11, firefox, safari, opera, chrome: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • None: None
  • Yes: Yes
  • Yes: Yes
  • 4+: 4+

Complete list of features:

Customizable, unlimited Frontpage layouts with individual modules:

  • Intro paragraph;
  • Call to action;
  • Widget rows (1 to 5);
  • Page content;
  • Posts scroller;
  • Latest work;
  • Latest work with description;
  • Partner logo scroller;
  • Services scroller;
  • Team scroller.

Responsive Slideshows (can be used on any post/page) with custom user-friendly interface (add, edit, rearrange, delete slides):

  • Duotive Gallery slideshow;
  • Duotive Complex slideshow;

Unlimited custom sidebars (widget areas). With predefined widget areas:

  • Blog widget area;
  • Single post widget area;
  • Portfolio widget area;
  • Single project widget area.

Portfolio layouts with sub-category navigation:

  • “Three columns classic”;
  • “Portrait columns”;
  • “Aligned left”;
  • “Circles”;
  • “Circles 2”.

Custom Project content types:

  • Image project;
  • Video project;
  • Audio project;
  • Gallery project;
  • Slideshow project;
  • Image listing project.

Blog layouts:

  • “With sidebar — Classic”;
  • “With sidebar — Aligned left”;
  • “With sidebar — Two columns”;
  • “Without sidebar — Classic”;
  • “Without sidebar — Three columns”.

Custom post content types (with or without sidebar):

  • Article post;
  • Image post;
  • Video post;
  • Audio post;
  • Gallery post;
  • Slideshow post.

Custom page templates:

  • Contact page with integrated reCAPTCHA support;
  • Services;
  • Sitemap;
  • Team;
  • With sidebar.

Custom Duotive widgets (with hide on mobile feature):

  • “Duotive — Contact Details”;
  • “Duotive — Contact Form”, with integrated reCAPTCHA support;
  • “Duotive — Icon”;
  • “Duotive — Image”;
  • “Duotive — Mini Gallery”;
  • “Duotive — Newsflash”;
  • “Duotive — Recent Posts”;
  • “Duotive — Recent Projects”;
  • “Duotive — Slideshow”;
  • “Duotive — Tabs”;
  • “Duotive — Testimonials”.

Pricing packages code generator with user-friendly interface.

Custom shortcodes available within the Visual Editor:

  • HTML5 video;
  • HTML5 Audio;
  • Lists;
  • Responsive columns;
  • Custom buttons with lots of icons;
  • Duotive Slideshow;
  • Duotive Gallery;
  • Tabs;
  • Accordion;
  • Content holders: Box, Message — Note, Message — Success, Message — Error, Message — Info, Message — Simple box, Important paragraph, Quote — Full width, Quote — Left aligned, Quote — Right aligned, Highlighted text, Icon, Dropcap.

Complete Style manager for unlimited custom color schemes, with predefined styles out-of-the-box (can be applied to any post/page):

  • “Default” (light style);
  • “Dark”;
  • “Business”;
  • “Nature”;
  • “Black’n’White”;
  • “Healthy”;
  • “Press”.

Footer area with the following elements:

  • Footer tabs with custom column combinations;
  • Footer menu;
  • Copyright area.

Website toolbar with custom modules:

  • Search box;
  • Language changer (requires qTranslate plugin);
  • Phone number field;
  • Social media icons: Blogger, Delicious, DeviantArt, Digg, Dribbble, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest, RSS, Skype, Soundcloud, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, Yahoo, Youtube.

Duotive Admin Panel — Advanced sub-section:

  • Customizable color scheme for branding;
  • Option to hide the Duotive logo from the Duotive Admin Panel;
  • Custom CSS field for quick edits;
  • Custom JavaScript field (e.g. Google Analytics).

Upgradable theme from within the WordPress admin panel (a notice will appear whenever we release a new update). Requires the following fields:

  • Themeforest username;
  • Account API key.

Localization user-friendly interface. All the strings used by the theme can be changed here. Also, the ability to use *.mo and *.po files is integrated within the Duotive Admin Panel.

Complete theme Documentation with step-by-step instructions for all the theme’s features. Friendly for those with less WordPress experience.


Before posting a support question, please make sure that you’ve the documentation, and you checked all the options available in Duotive admin Panel’s sections. Also if JavaScript stopped working, please make sure that your installed plugins are compatible with the theme’s javascript.

All the images displayed on the demo website are for illustrative purposes only and will not be part of the design/template meant for sale.

Resources used:

Update 1.1


  • Fixed: Problem with upload button on the frontpage intro page.
  • Fixed: Problem with the upload button in the duotive image widget.
  • Added: Toolbar is shown when user scrolls to the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed: Loading behavior for the website’s Toolbar.
  • Fixed: PrettyPhoto initialization bug.
  • Fixed: Duotive Complex Slideshow stopped working when all options were turned off.
  • Fixed: Duotive Admin Panel – issue with the misaligned of long slide URLs.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/functions.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-widgets/duotive-image-widget/js/dt-widget-upload-button.js/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/js/jquery.custom.js/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/js/jquery.scripts.js/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-admin-skin/css/duotive-admin.cssVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.15


  • Removed a testing alert in the image widget.
  • Removed the live preview option from the theme customizer, becuse it overwrites the theme’s admin panel selection and it does have a work around this.
  • Added/fixed the project with sidebar not working.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-widgets/duotive-image-widget/duotive-image-widget.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/header.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/functions.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/single-project.phpAdded file: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/template-parts/single-project-sidebar.phpVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.16


  • Fixed a database query that return an deprecated warning with wordpress 3.6.1

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-admin/duotive-general.phpVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.17


  • Fixed a ereg_replace warging with wordpress 3.6.1
  • Fixed a problem with menu arrangement and wordpress 3.6.1 update

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/wordpress-reset-functions.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-admin-skin/js/jquery.ui.min.jsVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.18 — 16 October 2013


  • Fixed the language switcher not working with permalinks activated.
  • Added translation for the mobile menu.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/template-parts/toolbar.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/js/jquery.custom.js/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/functions.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-admin/duotive-languages.phpVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.19 — 9 January 2014


  • Fixed the missing links for the list related projects.
  • Remove the upload button for the image widget and replaced it with a simple text input. This is caused by the fact that the upload button was created using a hack, wordpress not supporting an upload button in that area, and the method we used does not work with wordpress 3.8 update.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/functions.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-widgets/duotive-image-widget - removed folder/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-widgets/duotive-image-widget.php - added/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/template-parts/single-project-related.phpVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.195 — 9 January 2014


  • Fixed: Problem with the slider and IE.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/js/jquery.custom.js/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/js/jquery.scripts.jsVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.196 — 23 April 2014


  • Fixed: Problem with shortcodes and wordpress 3.9 update.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/accordion/accordion-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/audio/audio-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/buttons/buttons-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/columns/columns-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/content-holders/content-holders-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/dtgallery/dtgallery-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/lists/lists-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/slideshow/slideshow-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/tabs/tabs-window.php/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/framework-elements/shortcodes/duotive-shortcode-manager/shortcodes/video/video-window.phpVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Note: The shortcode buttons are there, but you have to press the “Toolbar toggle” button on the visual editor if you do not see them.

Update 1.197 — 18 June 2015


  • Fixed: Updated prettyphoto.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/js/jquery.scripts.jsVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css

Update 1.198 — 12 November 2015


  • Fixed: PHP Warning with MYSQL list table.

Files changed

/wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/includes/duotive-admin/duotive-general.phpVersion change: /wp-content/themes/duotive-keep/style.css