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Intense – Shortcodes and Site Builder for WordPress – Version 2.8.1 is now live!

Intense includes a vast list of 110+ shortcodes (see the complete list near the bottom of this page) and 19 custom post types (FAQ, Portfolio, Project, News, Coupons, Snippets, Templates, and many more).

Intense is built on Twitter Bootstrap. It includes parallax content sections with images. Many image hover effect options with Adipoli and Effeckts CSS. Filter blog, and 15 other custom post types with transition effects using MixItUp.

Photo sources include Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, SmugMug, deviantART, Zenfolio, 500px, and Google+.

Easily create shortcodes with the use of shortcode editor dialogs.

Visual Composer integration is considerably better with the introduction of version 2.0.

Current version: 2.8.1 (See changelog near bottom of this page)

View our plugin documentation at

What People Are Saying About Intense

“WOW! I am amazed with the kind of support that I received. Never, have I got a reply or help so quick. I sent a help request by the time I finish my cigarette Solution and reply is ready. Awesome support, Awesome plugin. will recommend to everyone. Worth every penny.” – ironmarine

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I’ve been using your plugin for the past couple of hours and it is so great! I felt like I was wasting so much time look for plugins before. Now, so much of what I need is right here, in your plugin!
Thank you again – for the plugin and your wonderful customization!” – susannamiles

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After dealing with Intense Visions support, I couldn’t be more impressed. Best support on Themeforest.” – ramptny

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  • Animated – Animated allows for animating items on a page.
  • Button – Adds a clickable button to the page.
  • Counter – Displays an incrementing/decrementing number that can be styled.
  • Guests – Show special content for your guests in WordPress. The guests shortcode content will only be shown to non–registered users.
  • Horizontal Ruler – Places a horizontal ruler on the page used for separating content.
  • Icon – Used to add image icons.
  • Lightbox – Add images, videos, html and iframe content within the lightbox shortcode.
  • Members – Show special content for your members in WordPress. The members shortcode content will only be shown to registered users.
  • Permalink – The permalink shortcode allows you to add links to pages or posts on your WordPress site.
  • Progress – Displays a progress bar on the page.
  • RSS – Show RSS feed posts in a list using the RSS shortcode.
  • Siblings – Add a list of sibling pages using the siblings shortcode.
  • Slider – Adds a slider to the page allowing you to rotate between several items.
  • Snippet – You can use the Snippet shortcode to reuse the same snippet across multiple pages, with the luxury of only maintaining the code in one place.
  • Social Icon – Adds a social icon to the page.
  • Social Share – The social share shortcode will allow a user to share a post or page to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon.
  • Sub Pages – The subpages shortcode shows a list of pages that are sub pages/children of a given page.
  • Template – Use the template shortcode to add the content of a file template to the post or page.


  • Alert – Alerts are used to notify the user of information.
  • Collapsible – Adds a collapsible accordion to the page.
  • Content Box – Adds a content box to the page.
  • Content Section – Add a content section to your page.
  • Hover Box – Allows you to add a little style to your images with seven different hover transitions.
  • Icon List – Adds a bulletted list of items to a page with the bullets being an icon of your choice.
  • Layout Row – Organize your content into rows and columns for a clean visual look.
  • Masonry – Show content on your pages in a responsive masonry layout using the masonry shortcode.
  • Menu – Add vertical or horizontal menus to your WordPress site using the menu shortcode
  • Parallax Scene – Allows you to create a content section where you can add transparent layers stacked on top of each other.
  • Person – Add a person to your page/post.
  • Pricing Table – Add a pricing table to WordPress with the pricing table shortcode.
  • Promotional Box – Add a promotional box to your page/post.
  • Spacer – Adds a spacer between sections on your page.
  • Table – Adds a styled table with column headers and data.
  • Tabs – Adds tabs to the page/post.
  • Testimonies – Allows you to add testimonies to your page.
  • Timeline – Allows you to add a timeline, with multiple events.


  • Animated Image – The animated image shortcode adds animated images that slide left, right, up, or down along the screen
  • Audio – The audio shortcode lets you play mp3 and ogg files on your WordPress pages.
  • Chart – Adds a bar, line, radial, polar area, pie, or doughnut chart.
  • Device Mockups – The device mockups shortcode works in conjunction with the Device Mockups plugin and allows you to show your work in high resolution, responsive device mockups
  • Fullscreen Video – Shows a fullscreen video in the background of the page/post.
  • Gallery – Adds an image gallery to the page.
  • Google Docs Viewer – Add a document (ex. PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to your WordPress websites using Google Docs Viewer.
  • Image – Adds an image with several different effects and options.
  • Image Compare – Compare two images on top of each other.
  • Map – Used to add a Google map to your page.
  • Post Media – Used to add post media (images, video, audio) to your page.
  • QR Code – Adds a QR code chart.
  • Video – Used to add a responsive video from WordPress and many popular sites.


  • Blog – Used to add a list of blog posts to your page.
  • Books – Used to add a list of books posts to your page.
  • Clients – Used to add a list of clients posts to your page.
  • Coupons – Used to add a list of coupons posts to your page.
  • Custom Post Type – Used to add a list of custom post type posts to your page.
  • Events – Used to add a list of events posts to your page.
  • FAQ – Used to add a list of faq posts to your page.
  • Jobs – Used to add a list of jobs posts to your page.
  • Locations – Used to add a list of locations posts to your page.
  • Movies – Used to add a list of movies posts to your page.
  • Music – Used to add a list of music posts to your page.
  • News – Used to add a list of news posts to your page.
  • Pages – Used to add a list of pages to your page.
  • Portfolio – Used to add a list of portfolio posts to your page.
  • Post Fields – Used primarily in conjunction with template custom post type to create templates.
  • Post Meta Data – Easily add post metadata to your WordPress post and pages using the Metadata Shortcode.
  • Project – Used to add a list of project posts to your page.
  • Quotes – Used to add a list of quotes posts to your page.
  • Recent Books – Used to add a list of recent books posts to your page.
  • Recent Clients – Used to add a list of recent clients posts to your page.
  • Recent Coupons – Used to add a list of recent coupons posts to your page.
  • Recent Events – Used to add a list of recent events posts to your page.
  • Recent Jobs – Used to add a list of recent jobs posts to your page.
  • Recent Locations – Used to add a list of recent locations posts to your page.
  • Recent Movies – Used to add a list of recent movies posts to your page.
  • Recent Music – Used to add a list of recent music posts to your page.
  • Recent News – Used to add a list of recent news posts to your page.
  • Recent Pages – Used to add a list of recent pages to your page.
  • Recent Portfolios – Used to add a list of recent portfolio posts to your page.
  • Recent Posts – Used to add a list of recent blog posts to your page.
  • Recent Projects – Used to add a list of recent project posts to your page.
  • Recent Quotes – Used to add a list of recent quotes posts to your page.
  • Recent Recipes – Used to add a list of recent recipes posts to your page.
  • Recent Team – Used to add a list of recent team posts to your page.
  • Recent Testimonials – Used to add a list of recent testimonials posts to your page.
  • Recipes – Used to add a list of recipes posts to your page.
  • Team – Used to add a list of team posts to your page.
  • Testimonials – Used to add a list of testimonials posts to your page.


  • Badge – Places a colored badge on the page.
  • Blockquote – Adds a blockquote to the page.
  • Code – Adds a preformatted code section to the page.
  • Definitions – Add a list of terms and definitions vertically or horizontally.
  • Dropcap – Adds a paragraph dropcap character.
  • Emphasis – Adds a paragraph with text that emphasizes the content.
  • Filler – The filler shortcode helps you quickly mock up content by adding filler text and images.
  • Heading – Allows you to add a heading with your own styles
  • Highlight – Highlights text on the page with a background color.
  • Label – Allows you to add a label to the page.
  • Lead – Adds a lead paragraph good for highlighting a block of text.
  • Popover – Allows you to add a popover to any word/phrase of your choice.
  • Tooltip – Allows you to add a tooltip to any word/phrase of your choice.

Custom Post Types

  • Books – Add books and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Clients – Add clients and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Coupons – Add coupons and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Events – Add events and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • FAQ – Add a frequently asked questions sections to any page or post
  • Jobs – Add jobs and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Locations – Add locations and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Movies – Add movies and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Music – Add music and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • News – Add news and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Portfolio – Add portfolio items and display them in 13 different layout options
  • Project – Add project items and display them in 13 different layout options
  • Quotes – Add quotes and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Recipes – Add recipes and display them in a number of different layouts.
  • Snippets – Add snippets so that you can easily reuse code
  • Team – Add a team and display it in a number of different layouts.
  • Templates – Add templates so you can use them for displaying any of these post types
  • Testimonials – Add testimonials and display them in a number of different layouts.

Additional Features

  • 100% mobile responsive.
  • Add shortcodes from the WordPress visual or text editor.
  • Create code snippets that you can reuse
  • Easily create templates that you can use for displaying your posts, with the use of the Templates custom post type
  • Visual Composer integration
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Easily add 140 different animation effects. Animate an item on a delay, on mouse hover, on mouse click, when scrolled into view, or after a timed delay .
  • Translation ready
  • Right-to-left (RTL) language support built in as a plugin option
  • Parallax content sections and images
  • Many image hover effect options with Adipoli and Effeckts
  • Filter regular posts and posts from 15 different custom post types with transition effects using MixItUp


Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.8.1 (September 15, 2016)* Added [intense_wpml_language] shortcode to be used to show certain language content with WPML* Added admin options to control the Previous/Next text for pagination* Added a filter for completely changing the post navigation * Added Google Maps API Key setting to admin options since Google now requires a key* Added Background Image option to Type selection for [intense_image] shortcode that will be used   mostly for Parallax Scene layers* Fixed container element issues with Visual Composer - Intense is now fully compatible with VC* Fixed play/pause and volume on/off buttons for Content Section background videos* Fixed layout of Recipe single post templates* Fixed potential issue with intense-cache CSS file loading on HTTPS* Fixed a compatibility issue with WordPress version 4.7---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.8.0 (July 6, 2016)* Added inline option to the [intense_icon_list] shortcode for easier list creation* Added 'Video Speed' option to [intense_content_section] shortcode to allow for parallax video   backgrounds (only available with HTML5 videos - mp4, ogv, and webm video formats)* Added Post Formats support for Custom Post Types* Added Border and Border Radius options for Secondary level menu* Added 'Is Title Link', 'Content Type', and 'Post Link' options to the [intense_post_fields] shortcode* Added a title_tag attribute to [intense_content_box] used to set the title html tag* Added a missing_image attribute to [intense_custom_post] used to set a specific missing image* Added an autoplay attribute to [intense_custom_post] and [intense_slider] used to turn on or off the   automatic playing of the slider on page load (Owl Carousel only)* Added 'Vertical Dropdown' as an option for the [intense_menu] shortcode - this allows for a menu   to show in an HTML select list. * Fixed an issue with the 'Order By' option for displaying of Custom Post Type posts* Fixed Tooltip opacity issue* Fixed CSS for button shortcode to make icon properly change color on hover* Fixed an issue preventing image SEO plugins from replacing the alt image attribute* Fixed issue with icons not showing after saving of Intense admin options* Fixed issue with gallery shortcode when WordPress images come from a CDN* Fixed testimonial fields in Post Fields shortcode---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.9 (June 1, 2016)* Added link_type option to [intense_content_box] to allow for selection of what is clickable* Fixed an issue preventing Intensity theme from installing demos* Fixed remixer and genre order on Music single post templates* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the latest version WordPress Plugin - v2.7.8 (May 26, 2016)* Added additional animations to [intense_animated_scroll] shortcode* Added Welcome tab to the plugin options to show documentation/support links and other information* Added alt text for gallery images* Fixed the post metadata showing all the same dates* Fixed a JavaScript error with the [intense_image] shortcode (Adipoli effect)* Fixed snippet dialog not populating snippet list* Fixed the overlay shortcode hiding content below the image* Fixed flip box on mobile with reset option off* Improved performance loading photos, icons, and admin screens---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.7 (May 3, 2016)* Fixed an issue with older versions of PHP for one of the templates* Improved overall performance for admin screens---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.6 (April 27, 2016)* Fixed a JavaScript error with the [intense_tooltip] shortcode* Fixed an issue caused by the incorrect use of apply_filters when creating templates* Fixed link issue and made style changes on Music single post templates* Fixed Subtle Effect issue for Overlay shortcode* Fixed the chart shortcode so that the text displays as the chart is appearing* Fixed a bug with the color post options* Removed extra padding on post list filter* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the latest version (5.3.7)* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Improved overall performance---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.5 (April 14, 2016)* Added link around subtle effect title in [intense_image] shortcode* Fixed effeckt and subtle hover animations and styles for the [intense_gallery] shortcode* Fixed JavaScript compatibility issues with WordPress 4.5 * Fixed class name on Round Split Shadow divider---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.4 (April 9, 2016)* Fixed typo in intense_get_contrast_color function name * Fixed many data validation issues where dynamic data was not properly escaped---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.3 (March 22, 2016)* Added 'box-sizing:border-box;' style to Subtle Effects to correct a layout issue* Fixed is_rtl() error found when Intense is used with latest Revolution Slider version* Fixed skin settings page reloading after settings are added, customized or removed* Fixed an issue with migrations running on new installations* Refactored code to remove use of global variables---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.1 (March 10, 2016)* Added support for Easy Digital Downloads* Added Lyric and Disc Title fields to Music CPT and updated single post templates* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the latest version (5.3.4)* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Fixed an issue with the custom post shortcode when used inside of a WooCommerce  product description* Fixed Music and Events single post templates* Fixed alignment of image on Team single post template---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.7.0 (February 20, 2016)* Added async JavaScript loading to improve page load times* Added Menu Items custom post type and associated shortcode - [intense_menu_items]   For example, this can be used for a restaurant menu.* Added one, two, three, and four column templates for [intense_menu_items] shortcode* Added ability to change delimiter for [intense_table] shortcode where source is set to 'manual'* Added two new one column templates for posts* Added 'Image Flip' template to the [intense_post_media] shortcode* Added 'Order' and 'Order By' options to [intense_faq] shortcode* Added Price/Cost field to Project custom post type* Added Show Gutter option to post related shortcodes for use with certain templates* Added Social Icons to some Team post type templates* Added Instagram and Youtube options to Team post type* Added options to control the mobile menu colors for the [intense_menu] shortcode* Added [intense_sticky] shortcode used to 'stick' an element within its parent while scrolling* Added 'Zoom In' background image mode to the [intense_content_section] shortcode* Added 'Letter Spacing' option to [intense_heading] shortcode* Added support for Google Drive files to show in the [intense_google_docs_viewer] shortcode* Added 'Blank' template content option to post related shortcodes* Added additional overlay options to [intense_content_section] shortcode* Added attribute labels to shortcode dialogs for easier editing of existing shortcodes* Added 'Solid Fade' animation to [intense_tabs] and [intense_flip_box] shortcodes* Added single post templates for Coupons CPT and Menu Items CPT* Added format options to [intense_date] shortcode for displaying of Day, Month, and/or Year* Added swaying and ticking animations to the [intense_animated] shortcode* Added HTML lightbox options to [intense_button] shortcode* Added intense_cache_folder and intense_cache_url filters to control the cache folder and url* Updated translation files* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the latest version* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Moved smooth scroll JavaScript for the [intense_button] shortcode to the bottom of the page* Changed theme/child theme search paths for icons, templates, skins and snippets. New paths are  intense/icons, intense/templates, intense/skins and intense/snippets. Legacy paths still work.* Fixed missing image not showing on post shortcode templates* Fixed duplicate text for [intense_menu] shortcode when menu is missing* Fixed issue with the global page/post being altered by the [intense_recent_posts] shortcode* Fixed Adipoli hover effect in the [intense_image] shortcode* Fixed Effeckt hover color and opacity where image template is used with Post Media shortcode* Fixed ability to override lazy loading of images, videos, gallery, etc.* Fixed [intense_overlay] shortcode so that the 'alt' text is added to the image* Fixed the 'Show Gutter' option on post related shortcode templates* Fixed 40 pixel left margin issue on [intense_parallax_scene] shortcode* Fixed an issue with an image having a space between it and its shadow* Fixed the shared template for post titles so they will show titles with HTML* Fixed PHP 7 compatibility issues---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.6.2 (December 02, 2015)* Added 'Show Featured Media' option to show or hide the Featured Media metabox* Added 'Revisions' support to all Custom Post Types included with Intense* Added title and content color options to [intense_faq] shortcode* Added the ability to insert the [intense_snippet] shortcode directly from the snippet dialog* Improved clicking of buttons/links within the [intense_flip_box] shortcode* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the latest version* Fixed show_total_count attribute for post related shortcodes* Fixed an issue in finding photo source image sizes caused by a conflict* Fixed charts so that empty tooltips do not show* Fixed errors on [intense_custom_post] shortcode dialog when loading Taxonomy and Categories* Removed weather, cloud, and panoramio layers from [intense_map] shortcode as  these were dropped from Google Maps on June 4th, 2015.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.6.1 (October 27, 2015)* Added the ability to show content based on role with the [intense_members] shortcode* Fixed broken stack icons* Fixed an issue with certain anchor links causing problems with tab switching* Fixed permalink issue caused by change in searching for single post templates---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.6.0 (October 21, 2015)* Improved performance locating WordPress photos* Fixed Post Fields shortcode dialog box* Fixed a layout issue with the masonry template when no featured image is selected* Fixed issue with Visual Composer 4.7.4 preventing shortcodes from showing in dialog* Fixed compatibility issues with Device Mockups plugin version 1.5.2* Fixed issue with video backgrounds in [intense_content_section] and [intense_fullscreen_video]  shortcodes* Added lazy loading to [intense_image], [intense_gallery], [intense_content_section],   and [intense_video] shortcodes* Added new facebook page, ads, gallery, snippet, template, social icon, and twitter widgets* Added image effects to Recent Post templates* Added [intense_date] shortcode to allow for displaying of a date in different formats* Added Post Type dropdown to Recent Posts shortcode to allow selection of custom post types* Added CPT and icon options to Map/Map Marker shortcode* Added post_featured option to source attribute for [intense_gallery] shortcode* Added vertical align option to the [intense_content_section] shortcode* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version (3.5.7)* Replaced deprecated Facebook user_groups permission with user_managed_groups---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.9 (August 22, 2015)* Added ability to change tooltip text on pie, donut, and polar area chart types* Updated TGM Plugin Activation plugin to latest version (2.5.2)* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to version 5.3.0* Improved integration with Beaver Builder plugin* Fixed user roles check issue for new installations prior to saving settings* Fixed Visual Composer mapping for [intense_parallax_scene] and [intense_icon_list] shortcodes* Fixed errors with PHP versions older than 5.3.0---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.8 (August 6, 2015)* Added [intense_widget] shortcode allowing for widgets or sidebars to be  added to pages and posts* Added templates for [intense_gallery] shortcode* Added mode (vertical, horizontal, side-by-side, over-and-under) options  to [intense_image_compare] shortcode* Added option for [intense_image_compare] shortcode to follow mouse* Added ability to hide handle from [intense_image_compare] shortcode* Added initial integration with Beaver Builder plugin* Added additional two column templates for post related shortcodes* Added attribute to [intense_heading] shortcode to responsively change the font size* Added attribute to post related shortcodes to only show the first image* Added author support for all custom post types* Added check for empty user roles to prevent possible array_key_exists warnings* Changed activation reminder to only show for users that can install or activate plugins* Updated several JavaScript libraries* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to version 5.2.8* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Fixed an issue excluding specific categories in post related shortcodes* Fixed a minor styling issue with the boxed testimonial template* Fixed warning message on [intense_heading] shortcode dialog* Fixed single post template post option missing saved template titles* Fixed an error on the Music CPT single post templates* Fixed [intense_pages] shortcode dialog issue with template link attribute* Fixed 'Not Post ID' field in recent post shortcode so that it accepts comma separated ID's---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.7 (June 29, 2015)* Added icon color attribute to [intense_collapsible] shortcode* Added template_link attribute to control image and title links for post related shortcodes* Added ability to pass arguments to templates* Added template for [intense_metadata] shortcode that shows the text with a separator* Added template previews in shortcode dialogs* Added two column template for post related shortcodes with text on the right or left of image* Enhanced collapsible link items to allow for clicking collapse icon or title* Refactored all custom post related template files* Minor clarification of activation instructions* Updated prettyPhoto to correct XSS vulnerability* Fixed font flickering in Safari caused by Owl Carousel and Flexslider* Fixed margin on [intense_gallery] images with no_link attribute set* Fixed an encoding issue with [intense_table] shortcode using csv files* Fixed an issue creating dynamic shortcode CSS files with 0 bytes* Fixed an issue saving skin settings for shortcodes with spaces in their names* Fixed [intense_metadata] shortcode RTL template handling* Fixed a masonry and slider layout issue for post related shortcodes* Fixed an issue for WordPress photos that are coming from a CDN---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.6 (May 15, 2015)* Fixed potential fatal error for PHP versions older than 5.5---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.5 (May 14, 2015)* Added [intense_panel] shortcode* Added [intense_overlay] shortcode* Added [intense_animated_scroll] shortcode* Added autoheight attribute to Owl Carousel slider* Added padding attributes to [intense_heading] shortcode* Added class attribute to [intense_column] shortcode* Added tag attribute to [intense_emphasis] shortcode* Added shortcode add code fallback for older versions of PHP* Added option to show lost password link for [intense_login_form] shortcode* Added 312 color SVG icons in Flat Color Icons pack by Icons8* Added Google Font family choices to [intense_heading] shortcode* Added options to control all predefined icons* Added hover border and margin attributes to [intense_menu] shortcode* Added zigzag-small divider type* Added box_shadow attribute to [intense_alert] shortcode* Added no_link attribute to [intense_gallery] shortcode to turn on/off the image link* Added is_draggable attribute to [intense_map] shortcode to turn off draggable (for mobile)* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Updated TGM Plugin Activation plugin to latest version (2.4.2)* Updated Galleria library* Replaced RTL option with built-in WordPress is_rtl function* Refactored custom post types to be more modularized* Fixed icon selection in [intense_tabs] shortcode dialog* Fixed dynamic image resizing for certain multilingual sites* Fixed WordPress SVG images for several shortcodes* Fixed [intense_flip_box] shortcode on devices with both mouse and touch events* Fixed [intense_gallery] shortcode issue with NONE sort order causing invalid missing images* Fixed Reddit icon for [intense_social_share] shortcode* Removed previous/next buttons when post_count attribute is used in post related shortcodes* Removed unnecessary font from [intense_testimonials] shortcode CSS* Removed default border radius CSS for [intense_button] shortcode---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.4 (April 2, 2015)* Added option to show/hide unauthenticated message for [intense_members] shortcode* Added [intense_login_form] shortcode * Added option to hide admin bar by role* Added vertical/horizontal option to [intense_parallax_scene_layer] to allow locking   of scene movement direction* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to version 5.2.2* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version (3.5.0)* Fixed [intense_pricing_section] shortcode border radius attribute* Fixed an issue with WP_Query calls in several shortcodes which conflicted with other plugins---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.3 (March 27, 2015)* Added ability to turn off mouse and touch drag for Owl Carousel slider* Added [intense_responsive_utility] shortcode which is used to hide or show content responsively* Fixed a PHP version conflict in the [intense_gallery] shortcode---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.2 (March 25, 2015)* Added option to turn off example snippets and rearranged options* Added colored accent mark attributes to [intense_hr] shortcode* Added option to post and recent post shortcodes to allow selection of Excerpt, Content,   or Full Post to be displayed on templates* Added option to post shortcodes to allow setting of excerpt/content length for templates* Added the ability to use templates with [intense_metadata] shortcode* Added type attribute to [intense_spacer] shortcode allowing for inline spacing* Added a missing image fallback for [intense_gallery] shortcode* Added hide option to [intense_column] to allow columns to be hidden for different device sizes* Added rgba color picker field to Advanced Custom Fields* Added span to allow for easier CSS control of content box title (only for icon position of 'inside')* Reduced memory usage by ~10%* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the latest version (5.0)* Fixed [intense_post_media] shortcode warning for posts without images* Fixed paging issue with snippet lists* Fixed [intense_button] hover color when using the 'link' color* Fixed [intense_google_docs_viewer] when used with HTTPS* Fixed icon centering for [intense_content_box] shortcode* Fixed tabs JavaScript conflict with WooCommerce tabs* Removed extraneous top/bottom location fields for [intense_content_section] dividers---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.1 (February 13, 2015)* Added [intense_divider] shortcode* Added top and bottom divider options to [intense_content_section] shortcode* Added option to register Intense image sizes with WordPress* Fixed shortcode CSS option migration* Fixed [intense_content_box] icon size issue when inside of [intense_collapsibles]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.5.0 (February 11, 2015)* Added [intense_flip_box] and [intense_flip_box_item] shortcodes* Added Music custom post type and associated shortcodes - [intense_music] and [intense_recent_music]* Added a solid flip animation to the tabs/flip box shortcodes* Added ability to switch tabs on mouseenter as well as click for [intense_tabs] shortcode* Added Spotify social option to person shortcode* Added image_horizontal_position option to [intense_content_section] and   [intense_parallax_scene] shortcodes* Added compatibility to [intense_menu] for Ubermenu and Max Mega Menu* Added margin and padding attributes to [intense_alert] shortcode* Added a class attribute to the [intense_tabs] shortcode* Added multiple date options to Order By dropdown for Custom Post Type shortcode(s)* Added migration to fix broken featured image migration* Added on demand image sizing and removed add_image_size calls* Added the ability to send data through the [intense_template] shortcode to the template* Added width, padding, and margin options to [intense_content_box] shortcode* Added autoplay options to [intense_tabs] shortcode* Added title option to [intense_icon] shortcode* Added Product URL to Project custom post type* Fixed shortcode CSS options not working* Fixed templates to use get_excerpt or intense_excerpt rather than get_content or intense_content* Fixed missing JavaScript functions for CSS/JS/HTML option in [intense_code] shortcode dialog* Fixed [intense_post_media] shortcode order for checking attributes* Fixed [intense_project] shortcode dialog loading issue* Fixed icon position for shortcode buttons in Visual Composer version 4.4.2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.4.1 (January 23, 2015)* Added option to allow user to show/hide the Post Options metabox on Post pages* Fixed menu CSS selector issue preventing menu styling* Fixed a PHP version issue with the [intense_post_media] shortcode image template* Fixed Subtle effect for [intense_image] and [intense_gallery] shortcodes* Updated TGM-Plugin-Activation (tgmpa) to fix conflict with some themes that also include tgmpa---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.4.0 (January 20, 2015)* Added scroll left/right/up/down types to [intense_animated_image] shortcode* Added rich snippet code to Event, Recipe, and Team single post templates* Added ACF Gallery add-on for ACF* Added [intense_device_mockups] shortcode which allows you to create a mobile   device, tablet, or browser mockup* Added support for WooCommerce single page templates* Added show add-to-cart button option to [intense_custom_post] shortcode for WooCommerce* Added [intense_post_media] shortcode to be used to show post media* Added templates for [intense_post_media] shortcode* Added 'rel' attribute for several shortcode links* Added align option to [intense_button] shortcode* Added the ability to turn off the mobile responsive horizontal menu* Added option for default featured image and video types* Added text transform attribute to [intense_button] shortcode* Added text transform attribute to [intense_heading] shortcode* Added options to show/hide Shortcodes/Snippets buttons by user role* Added 'Featured' Tab to options* Added change which allows for multi-level shortcodes via code* Added attribute to [intense_custom_post] shortcode allowing use of current wp_query* Added tumblr buttons for social share shortcode* Added two testimony templates to be used with testimonials* Added two templates to Team CPT* Added styles for secondary level of option headings* Added missing include for is_plugin_active check* Added option to [intense_gallery] shortcode for a different sized first image* Added ability to create links that can switch tabs* Added CSS/JavaScript/HTML type options to [intense_code] shortcode which outputs raw code to the page* Reworked [intense_hr] shortcode horizontal CSS and added margin_top & margin_bottom attributes* Enabled prev/back arrows on touchTouch lightbox for mobile devices* Updated SmugMug to work with new API changes* Updated Team CPT templates to use image shortcode for member photo* Updated [intense_collapsibles] CSS to remove background color of white* Updated Owl Carousel files to fix fade transition issue in Chrome* Fixed issue with gallery images not showing in IE9* Fixed an issue with the default skin setting not being set properly* Fixed issue with individual tab using the skin values* Fixed issue with testimonials shortcode not showing correct testimonials* Fixed animation issues with some of the animations that start hidden* Fixed WooCommerce so that multiple item templates will show correctly* Fixed issues with Subtle image effects* Fixed the icon layout of the [intense_hr] shortcode* Fixed [intense_promo_box] shortcode button color attribute* Fixed ajax fields on dialogs for recent post shortcodes and project shortcode* Fixed extra spacing below [intense_image] when using shadows* Removed Intense and Intense Multisite options links from admin bar* Removed Intense Multisite settings from network admin menu* Removed [intense_hover_box] light box shadow* Removed MultiPostThumbnails plugin and migrated Featured Images to ACF Gallery---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.3.2 (November 26, 2014)* Added hover color, hover font, font size, and border attributes to [intense_button] shortcode. * Added opacity colors to Intense color options* Added bezier curve and show point dots options to [intense_chart] shortcode* Added image align attribute* Added the ability to disable the [intense_gallery] shortcode animations* Added multisite support for product license information* Added 'Buy Tickets Link' option to Events CPT* Updated subtle hover effects to be responsive* Fixed animations to be buttery smooth* Fixed Visual Composer icon field type map* Fixed icon size issue with icons that don't have parent with .intense CSS class* Fixed skins when no skin is defined by the database, theme or child theme* Fixed [intense_gallery] shortcode preview* Fixed [intense_gallery] shortcode border_radius attribute for non-standard gallery types---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.3.1 (November 5, 2014)* Added border and box shadow options to [intense_image] shortcode* Added support for Vevo videos to [intense_video] shortcode* Added tooltip option to [intense_charts] shortcode* Added post_type attribute to [intense_subpages] and [intense_siblings] shortcodes* Added 15 additional 'subtle' hover effects to [intense_image] and [intense_gallery] shortcodes* Added 'One Column w/ Comment Lightbox' and 'One Column Title List' templates to posts* Updated Chart.js library* Updated deviantArt's OAuth2 authorization and token URL's* Fixed Facebook photo source issue with certain versions of PHP* Fixed [intense_gallery] preview issue* Fixed Galleria gallery layout* Fixed v.2.0.0 migration file---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.3.0 (October 24, 2014)* Added support for unlimited SVG icons* Added 4,935 default icons plus the ability to add your own* Added video control button options to [intense_content_section] shortcode for video   backgrounds - Thank you Ted Barnett of Contemplate Design, LLC for your contribution* Added id and class attributes to all the shortcodes* Added help button to shortcode dialogs* Added 'subtle' hover effect to [intense_image] and [intense_gallery] shortcodes* Added 'Menu Order' to Order By option list for post and custom post shortcodes* Added alert close memory so you can set how long to wait before showing the alert again* Added theme, playlist, user, search, loop, autoplay, show_badge, show_byline,   show_portrait, and show_title to [intense_video] shortcode* Added ability to turn on/off registering of Intense image sizes* Added ability to turn on/off featured images, audio, color, image options, and video* Added pricing table left/right align standard templates* Added plugin icons for WP 4.0* Added activation reminder notifications* Added permalink lookup for numeric lighbox url values* Added option to allow user to turn off the inclusion of the Redux Framework plugin. Admin options  will not work unless this option is ON or the Redux Framework plugin is installed and activated.* Fixed position of blockquote dash for the right aligned quotes* Fixed the missing title in the four_text team member template* Fixed the 'Missing Image' default setting* Fixed Adipoli for images that were resized* Fixed missing video-js asset* Fixed chart dialog toggling of unavailable fields for certain chart types* Updated Font Awesome icons* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version* Redesigned shortcode dialog including reordering of items to make them easier to find* Refactored shortcodes for performance* Removed jQuery.noConflict()---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.2.1 (August 22, 2014)* Added alternate_size attribute to [intense_gallery] shortcode for the masonry layout* Added size option to social share shortcode for use with Font Awesome icons* Added Location Name, Location Address, Company Name, Company Address and Quantity  fields to the Project custom post type* Updated Redux Options Framework* Moved plugin options under Settings -> Intense* Fixed an issue with showing posts/custom posts by tags or post format instead of category* Fixed a backwards compatibility bug with tabs* Fixed Visual Composer 4.3.1+ compatibility issues---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.2.0 (August 12, 2014)* Added plugin autoupdate* Added shortcode skins* Added masonry responsive size options* Added Pages and Recent Pages shortcodes to display pages (similar to posts)* Added Featured Color page/post option (updated post fields shortcode also) and fixed old tab code* Added background_image_position to [intense_content_section] when using full background images* Added 'Hide shortcodes in Visual Composer' option to hide Intense shortcodes in Visual Composer* Added 'Expand All' option to [intense_faq] shortcode* Added 'ID' option to [intense_slider] shortcode* Added 'Trigger Client ID' and 'Reset' options to [intense_animated] shortcode* Added Tags taxonomy for all custom post types (aside from Templates and Snippets)* Added 'Background Image Size' option to [intense_promo_box] shortcode* Added 'Include Post IDs' option for Custom Post Type shortcodes* Added Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Youtube to [intense_person] shortcode* Added Email, Reddit, and Tumblr social links to [intense_social_share] shortcode* Added Font-Awesome icon as a selection for [intense_social_share] shortcode* Added snippet for landing page* Changed global $page to $intense_active_page for [intense_siblings] and [intense_subpages] shortcodes* Updated Redux Options Framework* Updated ACF and ACF WYSIWYG to most recent versions* Updated Facebook photo source to use Facebook Open Graph v2.0* Fixed border field for Visual Composer mappings* Fixed gallery columns layout* Fixed active tab color option* Fixed collapsible expand/collapse issue with non-active collapsibles on load* Fixed rendering of templates issue* Fixed Permalink on Post Fields shortcode* Fixed custom post shortcodes using Infinite Scroll with a post that has a Featured Video* Disabled image tooltip when using Galleria for the [intense_gallery] shortcode* Removed Presets for shortcodes (can be accomplished with skins)* Removed float:none CSS for custom post templates * Removed isotope from assets---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.1.0 (July 9, 2014)* Added navigation option to content section shortcode* Added ability to set custom post type singular and plural names in plugin options* Added the ability to template the siblings and subpages* Added 'show_related' attribute for YouTube videos* Added active tab background color and active tab font color options to tab shortcode* Added the ability to change the filter all text using a shortcode attribute* Added 'Read More' options to custom post shortcodes and recent post shortcodes* Added ability to scroll tab into view using a JavaScript function* Added permalink option to Post Fields shortcode* Added Templates custom post type and Post Fields shortcode documentation * Updated gallery masonry layout to use masonry shortcode instead of Freewall* Updated phpFlickr library* Changed button hover 3D margins to better simulate a 3D effect* Fixed Visual Composer mapping issues with specific shortcodes* Fixed tab sizing when they contain collapsibles* Fixed button hover 3D size when set to 0* Fixed custom post/blog/portfolio/etc. paging issue on home page* Fixed TouchTouch so it will work with multiple galleries on the same page* Fixed icon alignment for content box shortcode when icons are set to 4 or 5* Fixed issue with maps inside collapsibles not loading properly when they start out collapsed* Fixed MixItUp filtering of post lists that were created with the templates custom post type* Fixed post templates for custom post types that are not from Intense* Fixed URLs in the dynamic CSS file to work with both HTTP and HTTPS* Fixed a conflict with Intense and MemberPress causing icons not to show in the admin dialogs* Fixed mqtranslate issue with shortcode insert---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.0.1 (June 28, 2014)* Added error message when using interdependent shortcodes and one is disabled.* Added permalink rebuilding when plugin is activated, updated, or options are saved.* Added ability to toggle the Custom Fields admin menu item.* Added progress shortcode animation tick speed attribute. This attribute controls the   animation speed. * Changed permalink structure for custom post types dropping the -items text.* Changed logic used to check for https when creating URLs.* Fixed client custom post type single post template.* Fixed Visual Composer z-index issue for adding shortcodes using dialog text areas.* Fixed single post template options to show files and template custom post type posts.* Fixed PHP 5.2 compatibility issues.* Fixed video shortcode to calculate height so videos display properly on pages and in templates* Fixed post shortcode shadows that were not showing* Created a workaround for Visual Composer containers that can contain any children.* Removed tgmpa check for Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intense WordPress Plugin - v2.0.0 (June 14, 2014)* Complete rewrite of the shortcode dialog popup:  Save presets for the shortcodes you use most  Preview the shortcode to see what it will look like before inserting it* Added many new shortcodes:  - [intense_qr_code]  - [intense_image_compare]  - [intense_animated_image]  - [intense_hover_box]  - [intense_filler]  - [intense_google_docs_viewer]  - [intense_heading]  - [intense_pricing_table]  - [intense_lightbox]  - [intense_guests]  - [intense_members]  - [intense_siblings]  - [intense_subpages]  - [intense_template]  - [intense_metadata]  - [intense_menu]  - [intense_rss]  - [intense_audio]  - [intense_masonry]  - [intense_parallax_scene]  - [intense_social_share]  - [intense_post_fields]* Added 14 new custom post types and associated shortcodes:  - Books: [intense_books] and [intense_recent_books]  - Clients: [intense_clients] and [intense_recent_clients]  - Coupons: [intense_coupons] and [intense_recent_coupons]  - Events: [intense_events] and [intense_recent_events]  - Jobs: [intense_jobs] and [intense_recent_jobs]  - Locations: [intense_locations] and [intense_recent_locations]  - Movies: [intense_movies] and [intense_recent_movies]  - News: [intense_news] and [intense_recent_news]  - Quotes: [intense_quotes] and [intense_recent_quotes]  - Recipes: [intense_recipes] and [intense_recent_recipes]  - Snippets: [intense_snippet]  - Team: [intense_team] and [intense_recent_team]  - Templates: [intense_template]  - Testimonials: [intense_testimonials] and [intense_recent_testimonials]* Added single post templates for each of the new custom post types* Added Redux Framework for admin options* Added Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin to handle metabox fields* Added Owl Carousel slider * Added Live preview option for posts and pages* Added ability to template and select custom post type single page templates* Added 81 new animations* Animation CSS files are all individual files, and are included only with the   animation* Added Featured Video and Featured Audio options to post/page* Added background opacity option for [intense_content_box] shortcode* Added exclude_categories and exclude_post_ids options to post shortcodes* Added show tooltip option to [intense_gallery] shortcode* Added border, icon, and color options to [intense_collapsibles] shortcode* Added image overlay, gradient overlay (linear or radial), and advance   arrow options for [intense_content_section] shortcode* Added hover brightness, hover 3d size, title, and padding attributes to   [intense_button] shortcode* Added masonry gallery layout* Added Screenr option to [intense_video] shortcode* Added CSV option to [intense_table] shortcode* Added author name and author link URL to [intense_blockquote] shortcode* Added doubledotted, doubledashed and image additional HR types* Added 'basic' slider type* Added speed and pause_on_hover options to slider and testimony* Added post_count option to post shortcodes to limit returned posts* Added show_meta and show_author to post shortcodes* Added active shortcodes option to allow for enabling/disabling of shortcodes* Added border_top and border_bottom options to [intense_content_section] shortcode* Added clear attribute to [intense_spacer] shortcode to clear floats* Added ability to use post/page id instead of link URL for several shortcodes* Updated [intense_map] shortcode to include marker shadow and shadow anchor options* Updated tooltip/popover to use qtip* Updated [intense_content_section] to allow for Youtube and Vimeo video backgrounds* Fixed gallery animation and layout bugs* Fixed infinite scroll on post shortcodes* Removed the use of SMOF for admin options (Redux Framework will be used)* Removed MetaBox plugin (ACF will be used)* Refactoring of code allows for auto Visual Composer mapping of elements

For a full list of changes, view the changelog found within the documentation.