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Memory – Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Theme Created by Theme-Studio. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Memory – Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Theme is a responsive WordPress blog theme which you can use for your blog as well as shop website. Memory is created to aim to give you an elegant, smoothly and MOBILE FRIENDLY theme to create blog, being passed by Google Mobile Friendly Test you can .

You can use this Memory – Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Theme on WordPress category for blog, blog theme, elegant, mobile friendly, personal, responsive, wordpress and another uses.

Memory - Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Theme
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Memory – Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Theme is a responsive WordPress blog theme which you can use for your blog as well as shop website. Memory is created to aim to give you an elegant, smoothly and MOBILE FRIENDLY theme to create blog, being passed by Google Mobile Friendly Test you can confident with your website ranking higher than other competitors which is not passed Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm. Take it and enjoy!

Video guide step by step installation Memory,check it to see how simple is it!!

1. Mobile Friendly (Responsive) Design with very clean and sharp.

2. Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder Included so you can build your website by just select, drag, drop layout builder

3. 12 Homepage demo

4. Elegant and clean megamenu also built in create you very much space for your heavy content website and navigation, it also can include image, video and pretty much anything in to it.

5. Unbranded powerful Theme Option

6. 8 Post formats

7. 600+ Google Web Fonts. (Change elements fonts in the theme settings)

.. and a lot more

Memory has nearly 40 shortcodes:

  1. Accordion Shortcode
  2. Block Quote
  3. Blog Shortcode
  4. Button Shortcode
  5. Call To action
  6. Code Block
  7. Custom Categories
  8. Custom Comments
  9. Data Table
  10. Display style blockquote
  11. Display style list
  12. Display your skills with style
  13. Divider Shortcode
  14. Facebook Fanpage
  15. Features With Icon
  16. Google Map
  17. Icon Socials
  18. List Style
  19. Message Box
  20. News Letter
  21. Notice & Text Boxed Shortcode
  22. Popular Posts
  23. Presentaion
  24. Progress Bar
  26. Section/Block Title
  27. Select Single Post
  28. Text Dropcap
  29. TS Gallery Block
  30. Ts Image Carousel
  31. Widget About Me
  32. Widget Advertisement
  33. Widget Banner Spot
  34. Widget Event
  35. Widget Google+
  36. Widget Instagram
  37. Widget Pinterest
  38. Widget Social One
  39. Widget Twitter

Layout Features

  • Elegant Design with UX Optimization
  • Unlimited Color Skins
  • Megamenu with drag, drop
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Retina Screen Ready
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • 4 Blog list styles
  • Awesome highlight banners

Version 1.0 – May 6th, 2015

- Initial Release

Version 1.1 – May7th, 2015

- Minor css fixes.- Bug with accordion shortcode .- Customize accent color style.

Version 1.2 May 11th, 2015

- Add option to custom footer logo    - Add icon for megamenu.- Add custom url for top megamenu.- Add option include shortcode gallery in post.- Add link to featured image in slide.- Remove posttype Quote and Use postformat Quote.- Fix sidebar width set in MEMORY Options.- Add Custom height for header.- Add option change logo and background for login page.

Version 1.3 May 15th, 2015

- Fix header on mobile.    - Fix menu on mobile device- Fix errors display sidebar in mobile device.- Fix footer widgets don't resize.- The edited files :+ styles.css+ index.php+ archive.php+ taxonomy.php+ footer-widget.php+ page_sider-left.php

Version 1.4 May 19th, 2015

- Fix error config width site and sidebar in single post.- Add and fix config Tab slider.- Add link for image post.- The edited files :+ theme_option.php+ theme_functions.php+ tab-slider.php+ single.php+ post-image.php+ loop-blog-list.php+ loop-blog-grid.php

Version 1.5 May 22th, 2015

- Update Visual composer plugin version 4.5.2.- Fix minor css.- Fix button load more for style blog-grid.- Delete css inline.- Add config choose style (grid or standard) for category page.- Add link for feature post in style masonry.- Fix change width site and sidebar in all page.- The edited files :+ blog-masonry-sticky.php+ theme_option.php+ category.php (Add new).+ style.css.

Version 1.6 May 27th, 2015

- Fix show all category name of a post.- Fix change width in MEMORY OPTION for all page and single post.- Update style widget footerFile edited:+ single.php+ loop-blog-personal-item.php+ loop-blog-personal.php+ loop-blog-list.php+ custom.js 

Version 1.7 June 23th, 2015

- Fix widget Instagram.    - Update Visual Composer plugin 4.5.3.- Update Woocommerce plugin.- prettyPhoto updated to 3.1.6 - latest stable and secure version

Version 2.0 August 7, 2015

- Update Visual Composer plugin version 4.6.1.- UPdate shortcode compatible with VC ver 4.6.1.- Improved : Option Coming Soon.- Fixed : Option Custom sidebar.- Fixed : Option Menu Effect.- Post navigation in single post page.- Relate posts in single: Show 'You might also like' if have related posts, otherwise, hide it.- Fixed Option Show content/exceprt.- Fixed footer 1 Column- Fixed Show Post slider.            - Tab Slider :    + Fixed mess up images when loading pages.    + Extra option for showing tab slider as category.        - Fixed Header Overlay: Adjustable background overlay.        - Fixed Instagram widget.  - Fixed Typography Option.  - Fixed post's date format.    - Fixed Custom CSS in Theme Options.    - Add new option hide/show About me under post.    - Add new option: Archive, Search, Author page ,display Grid or Standard format.    - Edited files:    + plugin : themestudio-shortcode, themestudio-content.    + theme_options.php    + single-related-posts.php    + custom.css    + tab-slider.php    + theme_styles_scripts.php,    + ts-jquery-admin.js    + custom.js    + blog-metas.php    + theme_styles_scripts.php.php    + single.php    + Add new library bootstrap-colorpicker: themes/memory/assets/bootstrap-colorpicker

Version 2.0.1 October 6, 2015

- Update Visual Composer version 4.7.4

Version 2.0.2 October 15, 2015

    - New : One click import demo .    - Update Woocommerce plugin latest version.     - Fixed : Show/Hide social menu Option .    - Fixed : Pagination for style blog list in homepage. 

Version 2.1.0 – April 23, 2016

- Updated Visual Composer

Version 2.1.1 – June 8, 2016

    - Updated Woocommerce 2.5.5 compatible    - Added Feature image option for page.    - Added : Select blog categories shortcode    - Fixed Instagram widget

Version 2.1.2 – June 8, 2016

    - Updated Woocommerce 2.6.4

Version 2.1.3 – August 5, 2016

    - Fixed Recent post shows draft    - Fixed Product page layout broken.

Version 2.1.4 – August 22, 2016

    - Fixed Recent Post widget shows Draft posts.    - Added Instagram social icon Follow me widget

Version 2.1.5 – September 30, 2016

    - Fixed feature image option    - Fixed minor bugs

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