NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Created by Basix. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: NEX-Forms has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Compatible With: Visual Composer 4.7.x, Visual Composer 4.8.x, Bootstrap 3.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5 .

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NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder
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  • None: None
  • WordPress 4.6.1, wordpress 4.6, wordpress 4.5.x, wordpress 4.5.2, wordpress 4.5.1, wordpress 4.5, wordpress 4.4.2, wordpress 4.4.1, wordpress 4.4, wordpress 4.3.1, wordpress 4.3, wordpress 4.2, wordpress 4.1, wordpress 4.0, wordpress 3.9, wordpress 3.8, wordpress 3.7, wordpress 3.6, wordpress 3.5: WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5
  • Visual composer 4.7.x, visual composer 4.8.x, bootstrap 3.x: Visual Composer 4.7.x, Visual Composer 4.8.x, Bootstrap 3.x
  • Ie8, ie9, ie10, ie11, firefox, safari, opera, chrome, edge: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Yes: Yes
  • Javascript js, html, css, php: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


An easy to use, feature rich, Drag and Drop WordPress Form Builder that will enable you to create beautiful forms in minutes.

List of Features

  • Tons of form elements with icon additions
  • Fully responsive forms
  • Conditional logic/laws to hide and show fields
  • Math Logic
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Form Grid layout system with unlimited nesting and width variation.
  • On form submission email Auto-responder
  • Live form previewer (includes switching devices)
  • 1200+ Fonts available for forms
  • 660+ Icons available for forms
  • Multi-Step Forms
  • Sticky slide in forms (top, right, bottom, left)
  • Popup form from button or link
  • Ajax powered forms
  • Sidebar form widget
  • Form validation
  • Save forms as templates for re-use
  • Built-in Anti-spam
  • Overall Styling
  • Custom CSS
  • Add custom backgrounds to fields and form elements
  • Tons of settings relative to form fields
  • Form entry storage
  • Form entry Export
  • Form Duplication
  • Duplicate form fields function
  • Unlimited forms
  • Hidden Fields
  • Classic Form Fields
  • Material Design Form Fields
  • Bootstrap integrated form fields
  • Bootstrap integrated web elements
  • jQuery integrated form fields
  • Redirect on submission
  • Embed forms in posts, pages, widgets and theme template pages
  • Send data to custom URL via POST or GET
  • NO Programing skills required to create forms
  • Easy to use admin panel (application feel)

What buyers are saying

This is with out a doubt the best form builder I have ever used. You can literally build an awesome looking form in a few seconds. – Eugene1984

This could possibly be the best ever WP forms plugin– cfu3i29

This simply must be the very best form builder available for WordPress – pbcunningham

This is an awesome plugin! I would recommend this 100%! Best form builder on envato……well done!!! – verorep

Wow, this is an awesome plugin, never been easy likes this – leafcolor

What a great plugin. Not only extremely functional, intuitive and feature rich, but it produces very aesthetically pleasing forms as well. Support is top notch. I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone. – lgrybinas

Wow! Amazing plugin – WPWiseOwl

I have tried multiple plugins over the last 2 years, but this has the most unique design, feel and you can drag&drop fields and edit them in the easiest way of them all! – LChief

Fantastic support and advice from the Basix crew! Comprehensive documentation and an easy implementation, a joy to work with +graffig

The product was purchased to benefit from the input field icons and visual editor. Basix has provided EXCELLENT after-purchase support to ensure the product was compatible with the installed WordPress theme – thank you! – michelbayard

Best excellent support and best plugin form exist – fortunatod

NEX-Forms is a really great plugin which i have been longing for long time! – ympark2000

Great usability, Design and Support! – HITMILK

I have tried manny many form builders and was so happy I stumbled on this one. Ill be honest I had one problem with it but it was not anything that opening a support ticket did not solve quickly. That goes a long way in my book. If you offer a payed plugin you must offer good support for it and these guys do. Worth every dollar I spent on it. – themisters

I really appreciate the quick response! The features of this plugin are fabulous! Definitely worth it!!!! – natestephan

Great job and great responses to my questions. Thanks – BradDaca

This looks seriously good. Well done. – CodeCanyon Review


We offer support which is available from our online ticketing system: Click here and get the help you need


Change log

Version 6.0.6

FIX: Activation problem

Version 6.0.5

FIX: TinyMCE button in the WP editor

Version 6.0.2

FIX: Various minor fixes

Change log

Version 6.0.1

FIX: Plugin ActivationFIX: PHPMailer problem

Version 6.0

NEW: Back end designNEW: Conditional settings (includes advanced and simple logic switching for each rule)NEW: Menu accessibility to easily navigate to anything for forms and global settingsNEW: Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, you can now save a form with CTRL+ALT+S and many more useful shortcuts.NEW: Interactive backend tourNEW: Built-in documentationNEW: Built-in tutorial videosNEW: Styling tool bar. Tool select to point to click to style form elements with the new styling tools.NEW: Taskbar. Work on multiple forms at the same time!NEW: Thumb rating FieldNEW: Smiley rating FieldNEW: Star rating field with icons and not images.NEW: Tags input Field. Good for replacing comma separated fieldsNEW: Color picker Field. NEW: Preset fieldsNEW: Paragraph form element (HTML enabled)NEW: Divider form elementNEW: Field replication by user. Allows users to replicate a field to enter more of the same thing like, names of attendants etcNEW: Signature field (requires Digital signature for NEX-Forms) Signatures are sent in your emails and saved in your received form data.NEW: Multi-Step settings. Switch between steps to focus your step design.NEW: Full screen mode. NEW: Preferences. Setup your default field layouts, email setup, validation messages and other overall settings.NEW: Notification history.NEW: Custom admin Layout. Create your own admin layouts that works best for you to create your forms.NEW: Preset admin layouts.NEW: Export forms. Forms are exported entirely with everything from conditional logic to email setup and not just the form HTML. This can also now be done from a Form menu.NEW: Import Forms. Import the form entirely as per export. Not just the form HTMLNEW: Dynamic hidden fields.Now you can add server variables to hidden fields.NEW: Overall field settings.NEW: Maximum and minimum values for text fields and textareasNEW: Form Validation redesign. NEW: Grid settingsHope that is all of it 

Version 5.3

FIX: WordPress 4.5 compatibility

Version 5.2

FIX: NaN in email headings FIX: Decimals with math logic problem FIX: Emailer problemsFIX: #### Displaying after form submissions FIX: Popup bottom position problem FIX: Conditional logic save and recall FIX: PayPal items save and recall FIX: All Global settings FIX: Various styling conflicts with some specific themesNEW: Language settings for Image uploader NEW: Math logic field (pre-populated math result tag) ENHANCEMENT: Auto close sticky form when another sticky form opens

Version 5.1

FIX: The word 'Array' displaying in emails FIX: Export to CSV headings (comma problem)FIX: Multi-step next and prev buttons ADDED: Show/hide panels, html, paragraphs and headings with conditional logic ADDED: Tags/value placeholders for emails ADDED: New rich text editor for emails ENHANCED: Namespaced AJAX calls to avoid 3rd party conflict.

Version 5

NEW: Total redesign of the backendNEW: Total Code re-write. This optimisation of code increased load speed to under 1.5 sec!NEW: Conditional logic. All new conditional logic enables you to have unlimited rules and each rule to have multiple conditions and actions. Logic is not set per field as in old versions but per form!NEW: Color pickers. Easily set colors with the new color picker with new features like opacity!

Version 4.6.1

FIX: Scrolling problemFIX: Height Problem with Multi-StepsFIX: Array problem with CSV exportsFIX: wp_scripts errorFIX: z-index issue with color setting for spinner fieldsADDED: Ability to use placeholders in from address (reply-to address)

Version 4.6

NEW: 75 Animations for form elements!NEW: Auto fill fields from POST and GETNEW: Set field Id'sNEW: Date file placeholder settingFIX: Multi-step issuesFIX: Problems with autoresponder on some specific serversFIX: Various small issues

Version 4.5

ADDED: New API mail method. This is a guarantied method to ensure mailing.  ADDED: New security measures throughout NEX-Forms for your ongoing full protection.

Version 4.4

READDED: WP Mail method for outgoing admin and confirmation mail READDED: Normal PHP Mail method for outgoing admin and confirmation mail NEW: Zero conflict admin panel. Script and styles from 3rd party plugin and themes will never again affect NEX-Forms admin panel!!! NEW: WordPress Admin colors are adapted by NEX-Forms admin panel to fit your chosen color scheme for that personal touch. FIXED: Emailing problems with some selective servers

Version 4.3

NEW: Import and Export FormsNEW: PayPal Add-on compatibility

Version 4.2

FIXED: Various JavaScript issuesFIXED: Overall Styling IssuesFIXED: Recall settings for form fieldsFIXED: Export to CSVFIXED: Form saving issuesFIXED: Not able to edit fieldFIXED: Not able to delete fieldFIXED: Not able to change default select optionFIXED: Admin menu display problemsFIXED: JavaScript bug with modernizer.jsENHANCEMENT: Form field validation has been redone.ENHANCED: Made admin interface responsive (scalable) to even use with a TabletENHANCED: Overall speed and performanceADDED: Preset fields with preset validation. Build a contact form literately under 10 seconds!ADDED: New overall styling settings for field inputs

Version 4

ENHANCED: Overall redesign and reprogrammingNEW: Math LogicNEW: Material Design Fields with different effectsNEW: Classic FieldsNEW: Overall StylingNEW: Add custom CSSNEW: Rich text editor for admin and user emails (TinyMCE)NEW: Customize admin emailNEW: Placeholders for server data in user and admin emailsNEW: Save Forms as templates for re-useNEW: Show/hide panel headingsNEW: Resize grid system (using bootstrap grid)NEW: Resize field label and input containers (using bootstrap grid)NEW: Start a new form instantly, no need to create it before you can add fields.NEW: Live documentation from the nex-forms admin page

Version 3.4

FIXED: HTTPS problem with loading styles and scripts FIXED: UTF-8 issue with mail methods that sent garbage characters in autoreponder emails and admin emailsFIXED: Autoresponder not retrieving saved dataADDED: Password FieldADDED: Date format settings for date-picker (save form or preview to see effect on field)ADDED: Language selection for date-picker (save form or preview to see effect on field)ADDED: Ability to have same name labels but different field names vie new field name settingENHANCED: Conditional logic. Panel/grid selection is now possible as well as single field selection for targeting

Version 3.3

NEW FEATURE: Export to PDF via new add-onFIXED: Saving new form issueFIXED: Saving Auto responder issue

Version 3.2

NEW MAIN FEATURE: Sticky Forms - Add sticky paddels to hide and show forms (top, left, right and bottom) Found in widgets section.NEW MAIN FEATURE: Thumbs Single Selection Field - Add images (ie: product) to be used to select in a form.NEW MAIN FEATURE: Thumbs Multi Selection Field - Choose more then one thumbnail selection.NEW MAIN FEAUTRE: Email Setup - Configure emailing with SMTP, PHP Mailer, WordPress Mailer or striaght PHP mailing function. SMTP includes optional authentication settingsNEW MAIN FEAUTRE: Form entries page - View and export all form entries from all formsNEW MAIN FEAUTRE: Global settings page - Configure various settingsNEW FEATURE: Add unlimited hidden fieldsNEW FEATURE: Custom form action or ajaxNEW FEATURE: Custom form methodNEW FEATURE: Javascript Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue scipts in case of javascript confict with 3rd party plugins or themes.NEW FEATURE: Styling Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue styles in case of display interference from 3rd party plugins or themes.NEW FEATURE: Admin Config - Includes settings involving nex-forms admin inclusions like widgetsNEW FEATURE: Form duplication with a single clickNEW FEATURE: Popup forms for widgetsNEW FEATURE: Popup forms button color selection (bootstrap style)NEW FEATURE: Forms selection for view and exportNEW FEATURE: Ajax pagination for Form entriesNEW FEATURE: Ajax Column sorting for form entriesADDED: Date Time display for forms entries - Shows date and time the form was submmitedADDED: User field for form entries - show the usernamke if logged in when completing a formADDED: User IP field for form entries - Shows IP addressADDED: Page field for form entries - Shows where the form was submmited fromADDED: Form name field for form entries - Shows the form name that was submmitedADDED: Bath delete form entriesADDED: Modal popup display for form entry dataADDED: Tabbed selection for settingsADDED: Ajax saving for global settingsADDED: Thumb Size selectionADDED: Icon selection for thumb selectionADDED: Column selection for thumbs displayADDED: Drag handel to field on form canvasFIXED: Popup displaying when tabing on none required fieldsFIXED: Overl grid style displayENHANCED: Optimised DOM to make use of minimum outputENHANCED: Optimised scripts and styles for page load performanceENHANCED: Page load - YSlow raking = 89/100 with 10+ forms on a single page!, YSlow raking = 94/100 with 1 form on a page!!ENHANCED: Admin load speed - no external calls are made

Version 3.1

ADDED: Custom Background image up-loader for form fields and bootstrap panelsADDED: Background settings: background-position, background-size, background-repeatADDED: Instant preview for form themes add-on to try before buyADDED: NEW HTML Field - Embed HTML into formsENHANCED: Back-end usability with a few styling changesENHANCED: Overall speed and performance and CSS. FIXED: Multi-step forms functionality - next and previous buttons that sometimes skipped stepsFIXED: Multi-step forms styling - next and previous buttons that were vertically off lineFIXED: Auto populate countries, us states and languagesFIXED: Auto populate allowed file type extensions for file up-loadersFIXED: Grid styling when it comes to panels, steps and extreme nestingFIXED: Label to top (bootstrap class col-sm-12 not col-sm-10)FIXED: Check box issue only submitting one value instead of an arrayFIXED: Some styling interference from themes

Version 3.0.1

FIXED: Default bootstrap styling issue regarding grids

Version 3.0

FIXED: 'Form title can not be empty' bugFIXED: Overcome styling interference from themesFIXED: Styling issues relating to overall theme compatibilityENHANCEMENT: Overall performanceENHANCEMENT: Added compatibility backbone for 'Form Themes for NEX-Forms' add-onREMOVED: Splash screen...load time is fast enough now so no need for thisNOTE: Skipped to version 3 from 2.4 as NEX-Forms is in a new era now with add-on capability

Version 2.4

FIXED:  Form entries CSV export path

Version 2.3

FIXED: Styling compatibility issues relating to a few reported themesFIXED: a few JavaScript compatibility issues regarding a few themes

Version 2.2

FIXED: AJAX URL for form submissionsFIXED: a few JavaScript compatibility issues relating to a few reported themes

Version 2.1

ENHANCEMENT: Complete re-write of AJAX form submissions.ENHANCEMENT: Form preview.ENHANCEMENT: More code optimization to increase performanceADDED: Multiple forms on a single page/post

Version 2.0

ENHANCEMENT: Includes a complete redesign of the back-end to increase usabilityENHANCEMENT: Overall code optimization to increase performanceENHANCEMENT: Reduced plugin with more then a 3rd of version 1.2 making it feature packed and yet lightENHANCEMENT: Increased form load speed to be exponentially faster by rewriting user interface outputADDED: Module popups for formsADDED: Multistep Forms and extra button controlADDED: All new form manager to enhance user control over existing and new formsADDED: Field filters to ensure quick access to all fieldsFIXED: Some JavaScript validation issuesFIXED: Reported back-end bugsFIXED: Styling issues relating to overall theme compatibilityFIXED: Numerous small JS issuesFIXED: Numerous small styling issues

Version 1.2

FIXED: UTF8 Character encoding in emailsFIXED: Java-script validation issuesFIXED: Styling issues relating to ensure overall theme compatibilityADDED: Extra control over field editing and deletion

Version 1.1

ADDED: New Feature - Conditional LogicFIXED: Back-end styling issues

Version 1.0.6

Fixed: WordPress version 3.9 'insert into post' problem

Version 1.0.5

Fixed: Auto-responder single line placeholders

Version 1.0.4

Fixed: Styling issues in chrome/web-kit. All Cross browser styling now resolved!

Version 1.0.3

Fixed: Front end compatibility issues. forms are now not affected and do not effect any other styling on themes)Fixed: Email auto responder problemsFixed: Back-end icons not showingAdded: Email Attachments: File uploads are now sent as attachmentsAdded: Default admin email: Specified email addresses receive a default email containing all form values as well as the attachments.Added: Redirect to URL after form submission. Display message or redirect to a thank you page  (submission are saved and emails are sent either way)Enhanced: User Confirmation mails to be sent to users after completing the formEnhanced: Overall back-end details.

Version 1.0.2

Fixed: Safari compatibility issuesFixed: Form visibility (in some cases did not display in relation to form animations)

Version 1.0.1

Fixed: Styling issuesFixed: Check boxes (back-end)Fixed: Multi-select (back-end)Enhanced: Admin panel responsiveness

Version 1.0

First release