WiLD Google Maps

WiLD Google Maps Created by Studio_WiLD. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Check the examples and the .

You can use this WiLD Google Maps on WordPress category for google map, googlemap, responsive, wordpress and another uses.

WiLD Google Maps
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  • WordPress 3.5, wordpress 3.4, wordpress 3.3: WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3
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WiLD Google Maps Features

  • WordPress 3.5 ready
  • Geocoding marker placement
  • Map preview in real time
  • Edit markers on the fly and move them by drag-and-drop
  • Multiple markers per map
  • Multiple maps per post/map
  • Map sizes can be in pixel or as percentages, useful for responsive designs
  • 92 marker icons included
  • TinyMCE plugin to add maps to your page/posts with ease
  • Get directions link supported
  • Bubble windows can be hidden, shown when clicked or displayed instantly
  • All the map controls can be switched on and off
  • Default shortcode, [gmap], can be changed
  • Works in posts, pages, sidebars
  • No API key required
  • Extensive documentation

Check the examples and the documentation

Version History

v.1.9 - 11 April 2013* Added support for WP Multisitev.1.8 - 5 April 2013* compatibily with themes and plugins greatly improved* users can now add markers using coordinatesv.1.7 - 28 March 2013* users can change the bubble window text and links color* CSS conflicts when adding a googlemap to a custom div won't occur anymorev.1.6 - 26 March 2013* added support for JSON styles with a dozen of presets ready to usev.1.5 - 21 March 2013* hash sign character in title will no longer break the 'Get Directions' linkv.1.4 - 20 March 2013* improved HTML support inside bubble windowsv.1.3 - 21 February 2013* fixed a confict with Fancy Gallery* updated documentation* minor bug fixes and improvementsv.1.1 - 17 February 2013* new behaviour implemented: click marker to open a new pagev1.0 - 15 February 2013* initial release