Cool Banner Rotator jQuery Plugin

Cool Banner Rotator jQuery Plugin Created by mr-j. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: That is a Cool Banner .

You can use this Cool Banner Rotator jQuery Plugin on Javascript category for 3d, banner, cool, css3, gallery, html5, jquery, juri, mr-j, mr. j, paiusco, plugin, rotator, slider, slideshow and another uses.

Cool Banner Rotator jQuery Plugin
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  • Jquery: jQuery
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That is a Cool Banner Rotator

Nice ad elegant Banner Rotator for your Gallery, SlideShow or Website, with that you can view to your customer the images with style.


Very easy to install, you need to copy the head file and setup your preference. Nice and Cool.


  • 336 predefined Skins Cobinations
  • 24 standard effects
  • Infinite personalized effects
  • jQuery plugin
  • Multi istance
  • Shadow auto adaptive
  • Easy to install
  • YouTube compatibility
  • Vimeo compatibility
  • Video Flash or HTML5 automatic
  • jQuery Conflict free plugin
  • Autoplay parameter
  • Animated text from any direction: top, bottom, left and right. CSS and HTML formated
  • Width & Height parameters
  • You can insert multiple instances in the same page with the same skin or using a different skin.
  • More and more…