Z Menu Maker – Drop Down and Mega Menu

Z Menu Maker – Drop Down and Mega Menu Created by _nK. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Z has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Software Version: jQuery, Other .

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Z Menu Maker - Drop Down and Mega Menu
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  • Jquery, other: jQuery, Other
  • Yes: Yes
  • Ie9, ie10, ie11, firefox, safari, opera, chrome: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Javascript js, javascript json, html, css, less: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, LESS

Z Menu Maker – is a visual menu maker w/o coding. Creating a menu that you want, there has never been so easy.
Start with 7 predefined skins and make your own.


Web Server – application uses ajax requests.

What you can do

  • Drop Down Menu with unlimited leves.
  • Mega Menu with your own content (images, videos, custom html, etc…)
  • Vertical menu
  • Horizontal menu
  • Fixed menu
  • Sticky menu – footer or header
  • Mobile menu
  • Grid for your content


All menus that you make will be fully adapted for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android).      You can create an infinite number of levels of drop-down menus.
To create your own content, you are requested to use 12-column grid system.      Make a menu you want. Customize the color, size of elements, fonts, and all that is possible.
Many smooth CSS3 animations available for show your drop down or mega menu – Animate.css.      If you do not want to use jQuery, just delete it and continue to use the menu.
You can create vertical or horizontal menu and place it anywhere – top, left, right or bottom.      Z Menu Maker preset popular fonts that you can easily use.
Over 450 FontAwesome icons available to use.      Use the convenient WYSIWYG editor to create your own content.
Embed any Videos or Maps – YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, etc…      The menu works fine with all browsers, IE8 and newest.
Available complete documentation describing all the possible controls Z Menu Maker.      You can create extensions to Z Menu Maker using developers Documentation.
Full compatibility with Bootstrap.      From 5kb to 15kb non-minified CSS and 8kb JS.
Free lifetime app updates.     





v1.2.3 (12 April 2015)* fix color save / load from project filev1.2.2 (18 February 2015)* fix zoom effects (blurred in chrome and safari)* fix rgba and transparent colors supportv1.2.0 (26 January 2015)* added responsive Accordion and Accordion-Switch* added the ability to use custom styles (User Styles tab)* added app setting - don't ask when remove items* added colors table to color picker* added restrictions to enter numeric values* added Responsive tab (moved from General tab)* added reading zm-project.json from uploaded zip* fixed download if there are no files* fixed every second save - upload folder is not stored in a zip* fixed loading of components (all components are now always in the same sorting)* fixed removing columns from Grid* fixed - now scrolls fixed menu on mobile devices* removed color settings on hover from Menu tab (misleading)* removed Margin from Content tab* updated style of color picker* updated documentation* updated plugin Spectrum* updated plugin less* updated plugin AngularJS* updated plugin FontAwesomev1.1.0 (04 November 2014)* increased app loading speed* added app hints* added app black skin* added app settings (enable hints, enable black skin)* added auto focus on Text input when edit item* added arrows to options tabs (< and >)* added Skins popup with preview images* fix showing sub menus (current menu z-index over then previous)* fix 'none' in icons list (always show)* fix error when drag grid columns* removed 'edit parent' button from main menu items* removed horizontal scroll on workspacev1.0.0 (23 October 2014)* initial release