iPhone X Now!

iPhone X Now! Created by Appteve. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: iPhone has features such as Software Version: Android 7.2.x, Android 7.1.x, Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0 .

You can use this iPhone X Now! on Mobile category for admob, iphone x, overlay and another uses.

iPhone X Now!
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  • Android 7.2.x, android 7.1.x, android 6.0, android 5.1.x, android 5.0: Android 7.2.x, Android 7.1.x, Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0
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An application that visually changes the look of your smartphone to iPhone X

100 thousand downloads !! And this is not the limit!

User features

  • Request overlay permision
  • Start overlay
  • Stop overlay
  • Change corner radius

Application features

  • Support Admob banner
  • Support Admob interstitial
  • Donate to the author

It does not require knowledge of programming. The application is ready to be published in Google play




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