Brutal Backup Tool [v1.3]

Brutal Backup Tool [v1.3] Created by Ionut_Bajescu. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: What is Brutal Backup .

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Brutal Backup Tool [v1.3]
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What is Brutal Backup Tool?

It’s not about what it is, it’s about what Brutal Backup Tool can do for you.
The Brutal Backup Tool was crafted to provide a reliable backup strategy just by using a wonderful and usable interface.

Unlike the other backup software programs out there, the support of BBT is still active. Please allow us at least one week to respond to your enquires.

Buy it now, and you get:

  • No installation required!
  • Backup on FTP and MySQL
  • Run backup with one single click
  • Automatic backup at a predetermined interval
  • Automatic upload on Google Drive and/or Dropbox
  • Send to an external FTP
  • Automatic remove old backups, if you want that.(Keep only last x backups)
  • Send mail notification on backup was done
  • Send backup to email as attachment
  • Restore your backups in few seconds! No, is not a joke, just few seconds for restoring FTP and/or MySQL data
  • Working on large backups, currently up to 4GB, send me an email to in case you need a higher limit
  • Free support

The following features are scheduled for implementing:

  • Handling backups bigger than 4GB

Default password is located in yourinstalation/documentation

[v1.3 Changelog]

  • Fixed the weekly cron
  • Better error reporting
  • Added option for backuping individual files and not only folders