Data Export Helper

Data Export Helper Created by betterphp. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Key .

You can use this Data Export Helper on Php scripts category for backup, csv, data, database, download, excel, export, info, information, json, microsoft, xml and another uses.

Data Export Helper
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Key Features

  • Easily export any kind of data.
  • Data can be exported as any of:
    • Excel
    • JSON
    • XML
    • PHP serialize
    • CSV
  • Robust code base.
  • Lightweight system.
  • Object Orientated.
  • Well documented.

With this class you can easily export any data to one of 5 popular formats. The Excel format is most noteworthy as people will appreciate being able to download a native Excel document of data from your site, it will also make you look more professional by allowing a download of a file that people do not expect to be dynamic.

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