Databased – Personal Edition

Databased – Personal Edition Created by chilly_orange. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Databased has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Software Version: PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x .

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Databased - Personal Edition
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  • Codeigniter: CodeIgniter
  • Php 5.0 5.2, php 5.3, php 5.4, php 5.5, mysql 5.x: PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x
  • Ie9, ie10, ie11, firefox, safari, opera, chrome: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Javascript js, html, xml, css, php, swf/flv, sql, less: JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SWF/FLV, SQL, LESS
  • Yes: Yes

Databased Personal is a powerful database application platform. It allows you to turn a MySQL database into a beautiful and user-friendly online application. Use it to create online spreadsheets, maintain customer data, inventory data, sales data, etc.

Try the online demo at using the following login details:
pass: password

Databased features:

  • Manages a single database
  • Import CSV data to built new tables
  • Import CSV data to add to existing tables
  • Role based user management to restrict access to certain databases or tables
  • Support for relation data and foreign keys; allows columns to be connected to another table restricting input for that column
  • Extended search functions (combine multiple search items using “contains”, “equals”, “not contains”, “greater then”, etc)
  • Private tables and/or private records
  • Beautiful and user-friendly design
  • Built with CodeIgniter and Flat UI Pro

Supported column types

  • Numbers (up to 11 digits)
  • Small text (up to 255 characters)
  • Big text / HTML
  • Date
  • Select (choose from predefined values)

Databased works great for: creating an admin panel to manage existing databases, creating online spreadsheets, share databases and/or tables with other users, maintain CRM data, track sales and/or inventory, etc

Databased requirements:

  • PHP 5.1.6 (older versions might work)
  • MySQL (with support for InnoDB tables and foreign keys, without InnoDB foreign keys will be disabled)
  • PHP’s MySQLi extension (required by the installer script)
  • phpMyAdmin access to setup the initial database
  • An FTP tool to upload the files
  • LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), Windows environments usually work, but we don’t support these


2014-05-16 (v1.0.2)- fixed: issue with trailing “/“ (causing the data view to display “Processing” forever)2014-05-16 (v1.0.3)- fixed: slow and unresponsive on some shared hosting environments.2015-10-22 v1.0.5- bug fix: missing tables on the user account page- bug fix: drop downs in advanced search panel cut off in IE and Chrome- improved: display of column names for the Date field when adding a record- improved: table linking now displays the field linked to rather then the primary ID of that table2016-01-13 v1.0.6- bug fix: reset password function not working