MySQL Backup Pro Class

MySQL Backup Pro Class Created by tolksystems. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Upload backup to cloud using .

You can use this MySQL Backup Pro Class on Php scripts category for backup, csv, ftp, http, mail, mysql, mysqli, pdo, php, sql, webdav, xml, zip and another uses.

MySQL Backup Pro Class
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MySQL Backup Pro Class

  • backup your MySQL database as SQL , CSV or XML ;
  • upload backup to FTP server;
  • send backup as email attachment;
  • upload to Google Drive , Dropbox , Box , SkyDrive and other cloud using WebDAV ;
  • send to server using PUTS HTTP;
  • Can pack as ZIP archive;
  • support MySQL, MySQLi and PDO driver;
  • use CRON to automate backup your data;
  • easy installation on any server;
  • examples of both functions are included;
  • fully documented.



Save backup on server as file


Send backup as attachment on email


Upload backup to FTP server


Upload backup to HTTP server using method PUTS

WebDAV (Cloud)

Upload backup to cloud using WebDAV

For more examlpes please read description.


Version 1.5

  • Add remove method
  • Add temp path
  • New error System

Version 1.4

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

  • Add ZIP method

Version 1.1

  • Add PDO driver

Version 1.0

  • Released